From: Jose L. Solano (jsolano199@aol.comlink) Subject: [PW!] Revenge is Bittersweet Newsgroups: Date: 2000-09-02 21:18:46 PST Pokewars: Katherine Jennings "Revenge is Bittersweet" Jose L. Solano Katherine walked down the narrow hallway, sure that her disguise would fool the guards. There weren't many, only about four or five, most of them just chatting with each other. Katherine swiped the clearance card on a small panel near a massive door. The door slowly slid open. Two guards approached her. "Halt. What is your assignment?" "I have been sent by Mr. Lynch to secure this area. More guards are on their way, but they need help stopping the prisoners in the cell block." "What prisoners?" "The whole block malfunctioned, the prisoners have escaped." "What? We'll check it out." The guards exited the room and took off to secure other areas. While they did this, Katherine activated her headset. "Alright, I'm inside the lab. What now?" "Don't know, Kate. Check the computer, see if you can figure out where they're holding Nicholas and what they're doing. I'm on my way to the control room." "Alright..." Katherine checked the computer. Someone had already logged in, but the only files she found were "Retwin-N 697" and "Retwin-A 698." Neither brought up any information besides the locations of said projects. Katherine quickly decided to check N 697. After all, Nicholas started with an N. The location read "Lab Tech Area- Exp. Room 4." Katherine looked around and found a door marked with a large four. It seemed a little obvious that this was the room. She swiped her clearance card on the side panel and walked in. She found Nicholas inside a glass tube with several electrodes attached. Ironically, there was an Electrode in the corner, sleeping, while three scientists checked moniters and recorded data on their clipboards. "Who are you?" said one scientist, Dr. Spencer, as the tag read. "I'm here to take the test subject to Mr. Lynch. He wishes to see the child immediately." "I wasn't notified." "Radios had to be shut down due to a malfunction in the cell block." "If you say so. We'll have to escort you." Dr. Bailey and Dr. Hendricks took Nicholas out of the tube and put him inside a small box with a blanket inside. "Careful with the child. Mr. Lynch has authorized me to kill you if he is hurt." Katherine took the box and began to walk out. Suddenly, Dr. Hendricks recieved a radio message. "What? You're... no? Jesus! Recieved. This guard is an imposter! Hand the subject over at once!" "Would you dare take a child from his mother?" "All in the name of the Syndicate," Dr. Bailey responded. Katherine cocked her rifle and aimed it at Dr. Bailey. "What's it going to be? Your experiment or your lives?" "We want a squad up here at once!" Dr. Hendricks yelled into the radio. Quickly, Katherine fired and hit Dr. Hendricks's leg. The other two scientists slowly backed away. "That's right, doctors. Just leave me with my baby and I'll leave you with your lives." Dr. Bailey and Dr. Spencer quickly helped Dr. Hendricks up and hurried out the door. Katherine took the box and removed Nicholas, blanket and all. She held him close to her. "My baby, I'm so glad you're safe..." "But for how long?" Red Speer appeared from the door marked with a large three. He carried two rifles in his hands; one aimed at Katherine's head, the other at Nicholas. "Why do you want him, Red?" "I don't want him, Lynch does. Lynch wants to test a mind-control device on your son and watch your squirm as he does whatever Lynch says." Katherine put Nicholas back in the box and stood up. "So what do you want with me?" "What, I have a choice?" "Name your price, just let Nicholas go." "Anything, huh? Alright. Get into the experiment room." Katherine hesitated. "C'mon, get in." Katherine slowly walked into the third experiment room. Red took the box Nicholas was in and walked in after her. He closed the door and put Nicholas in the corner. "Now then, get on the floor and take your clothes off." "What?!" "You heard me, strip." "Does it have to be this? Can't you just blow my head off or maybe make me watch old Saved By the Bell reruns?" "Sorry, can't do that." Red took off his jacket and threw it to the side. "C'mon, I don't have all day." "Alright," Katherine said as she slipped off her jacket. "Just tell me one thing... just what IS this project?" Katherine referred to the large metal cylinder at the end of the room, hooked up to a large pole via a power cord. "Ah, nothing much, just a new power source... or something. I dunno, Lynch never tells me these things. Now then, where were we?" Katherine pulled one of her guns out of her holster. Red was caught off-guard; he had put his rifles down to remove his clothes. "Aw, shit, how did I know this would happen?!" "You thought you could get away with this, didn't you?" "And how!" Katherine circled around him and moved forward. Red slowly backed up, standing near the cylinder. "Alright, look, just take your son. Doesn't matter how far you get, because you've been set up!" "What?!" "That's right, Katie! You've been had! Trent's been captured and there's a squad waiting outside. Now, do you want to kill me and take your son, or surrender and save your boyfriend?" "That's an easy question. Of course I'll take my son." "Aw, don't love Trent anymore? How heartbreaking!" "I DO love him, but Nicholas is more important than he is." "Either way, you lose. Just so you'll know, you'll be on your own if you ever get your kid out of here. I've made sure your parents don't warn the police about this. You've been cut off from the rest of the world, and there's not a damn thing you can do about it." "Why you..." "Bastard? Of course! Asshole, motherfucker, shithead, they all describe me!" Red quickly took Katherine's gun from her hands, but she managed to kick him in the stomach as he did so. As he reeled from the pain, she kicked him in the head, sending him towards the cylinder. "What'd you do that for? You made me drop my gun!" Red attempted to punch her, but she dodged and grabbed the metal pole. "So, the good little angel's turned demon now?" "What?" "I know all about you. We probed Trent's Sandslash's subconscious after we put him under our control. If you kill me, you'll go to hell within four days." "I guess I'll see you there!" Katherine thrust the pole into Red's stomach, pinning him to the large cylinder. She quickly let go as sparks began to fly. She grabbed Nicholas and stood back. She looked at a few switches and pressed the activation switch. A glass lowered in front of the cylinder as it began to spin around, complete with Red and the pole. It began to generate a electricity, using Red's body as a conductor. As the cylinder began to spin more rapidly, Red was thrown off, but the pole remained. The cord running through Red was ripped out by the speed of the cylinder. Red pounded on the glass as his flesh began to melt. Unable to watch the horrible sight, Katherine turned away and held Nicholas close to her. The pole had damaged the cylinder and began to generate more electricity than it could stand. Katherine took a small peek to see what had happened, only to find that Red was now no more than a charred skeleton with only chunks of melted skin remaining. Morbidly, the skeleton remained in the same pose Red had last used, banging against the glass in desperation. The cylinder shorted out and shut down. The lights within the lab section began to flicker. Katherine ran outside to find that Red had lied- there was no squad waiting outside. She ran back down the hallway and into the deserted cell block. A few bodies lay on floor, most likely Trent's handiwork. "Trent? Trent? Are you there?" "Yeah," Trent responded over the headset. "I'm near the control room. Do you have Nicholas?" "Yes, he's safe with me. I'm in the cell." "Alright, good. Go down the hallway opposite of where you came and get into Lynch's bathysphere." "I thought he only had one submarine." "Yeah, so did I, but he has it there waiting for him. Anyway, keep your rifle handy, as soon as you're there some guards might come after you. Anyway, I'd better go, I can hear Lynch from here."