From: Zephyr: Soldier Through This ( Subject: [PW!] Rise of the Naiad: Arc Impulse Newsgroups: Date: 2000-11-28 15:19:03 PST PokeWars: Rise of the Naiad [REWRITE] "Arc Impulse" The rays of the setting sun gleamed brightly as they entered the skylight and into the Royal Bedroom. The king was away settling some diplomatic disputes on a small island located on the other side of Nal Hutta. The room itself was similar to that of a miniature garden, except unlike a garden the room has a sole bed at the center of it. The bed is large and above it are a few blossoming cheery blossom trees, their petals falling downwards and onto the sleeping beauty. A few hours later, the sun had finished setting and the moon and stars had come out to light the night sky. She awoke with a small yawn and a sudden thirst for water. The spring at the northern end bubbled as cold water rose from it. She drank profusely, swallowing every drop of the crisp water. She yawned again and wiped the excess water from her mouth before making her way to her wardrobe. Cloaks, robes, and the such lined the cabinet, all different colors, ranging from pastels to fiery reds. She looked at the small mineral spring at the corner of her room and smiled, a bath would be a great idea. Her servants brought buckets full of the mineral water daily, providing her with a fresh bath everyday. The small figure stretched and let her small nightgown fall, before stepping delicately into the bath. --- "This ferry is finally going to bring some tourists to Gardena. Which means more money and power", jested the worker as the rest chuckled along. The group consisted of four workers, all who were responsible for the completion of the ferry that would connect Gardena to Nal Hutta. The merchants proposed the project, as they inferred that connection with the mainland would broaden trade and help increase the economy. "Well at least we're in the final days of the project. Soon we'll be back home living our boring lives as handymen", said the other worker as the rest of the group sighed, they normally did not get elaborate projects like this everyday. The Queen had heard of this band of contractors and their work across the island. With the plan set she offered them an opportunity of a lifetime, which they accepted excitedly. They soon reached the shores of Nal Hutta, the main island of the archipelago. The group soon brought the large water lily onto the shore to prevent it from drifting off into the ocean and stranding them on a large island, unaware of what dangers lie within. "Ok guys let's set up camp near that tree there, and let's get ready to work", said the third that appeared to be the elder of the four and supervisor of the work-taking place. An hour passed and soon enough the group began to work, marking the borders and measuring the materials. A rustling sound was heard near the bushes where the group was working. Yet another rustling sound was heard and this time a shadow was seen as well. The group still remained oblivious to the ambush in progress. --- Water dripped from her body as she reached for a large leaf, before drying off with it. A small pink gown was chosen for the time being, as she carefully changed into it. She went to her bed where she once again laid down on, before calling for her servants. A few minutes later breakfast was ordered, which would end with a large cup of honey nectar. The crisp leaves made a crunch sound as she chewed on. The rest of breakfast went down in a similar fashion. She smiled with satisfaction as the rest of the salad made it's way down. The cup of nectar was lifted and brought to her lips. The sweet taste of honey kissed her, as she drank down the nectar. As if suddenly revitalized she sprung up and made her way to the mirror. She stood there only with a pink gown and water still dripping from her petals. She had the bottom of her petals sliced so that they would hang more. Her petals were also cut into strands to provide a hair-like appearance that the humans possess. It was a painful process but the glamour achieved was well worth it. A small band of fireflies flew into her room, lighting it up with a display of glows and flashes. Their random pattern changed sporadically, sometimes forming celestial shapes. "A nice bath, good nectar, and a light display, what more could you ask for?", thought the queen as she sat on her throne gazing into the depths of the city. --- Five shadows stood behind the bushes, as they stalking their victims. Watching their every move. Moloch stood motionless; he felt their presence and knew they wouldn't stand a chance if they stood their ground. "Donar, Wotan, and Nerthus come to me now", Moloch said as he motioned for them. "We are being watched, I do not know their motives but their presence frightens me. You three stay here and if they attack surrender and do as they say. I will go to Gardena and ask the queen for military assistance", the trio nodded as Moloch continued," please be careful. We started together and I want us to end together. I will return", with that Moloch pushed the water lily back into the water and made his way back home. The three Vileplume stood there and went back to work, aware of the danger that awaited them. "It's like knowing how you die, but not knowing when you will", said Donar with a hint of doubt in his voice. "Do not speak such nonsense, Moloch will not disappoint..." Nerthus was cut off as the figures attacked. The light of the camp's fire revealed the assailants' identities. They were Sandslash, natives of Nal Hutta. --- The moon was full tonight, and the stars themselves seemed to glow brighter than before. The moon soon began its journey across the sky, a few hours later a Vileplume reached the city. "The Queen! Where is she? I must see her. This is a matter of life or death. Please, where", Moloch yelled as he ran up the stairs. Three flights of stairs later and running out of breath Moloch reached the throne room. "Your majesty, I request an immediate attendance with you, please! My people, they were left on Nal Hutta, most likely they have been captured and possibly killed. Please, my queen, please come to my aid", pleaded Moloch as he fell to his knees. "There is no need to plead, Moloch. Please, tell me what you know and I will see what I can do", said the Queen in a voice that can only be described as regal. After explaining to Queen Phacelia the problem, the Queen ordered Moloch to gather a small group of warriors and to meet her at the docks where further orders would be given. Queen Phacelia arrived a short time after the group did. Moloch managed to gather five soldiers as the rest were off resting, tonight being their night off. Phacelia arrived wearing nothing a small red cloak, leaving her crown behind as not to intimidate the capturers. The rescue team soon set off to Nal Hutta, in hopes that the trio is still alive and well. The arrived in an hour and quickly went off to search for them. "Stay together, we don't know what took them", said the Queen with a hint of concern. The group soon made their way up a hill; the rest of Nal Hutta soon became visible. Consequently, the area they landed in was a dry one, with a canyon not too far off to the right. More rustling, however this time they heard it, but it was too late they were outnumbered. In a matter of seconds fifty Sandslash surrounded the group; their eyes gleaming with passion, a passion for blood. The queen's guards soon surrounded her in an attempt to protect her. "Put down your weapons", demanded the Queen as the guards did as she requested, "this is no way handle matters." More Sandslash appeared, decreasing the group's chance of escaping. "I wish immediate attendance with your leader. If not him, then anyone who is second in command", the Queen spoke, still keeping her composure. Immediately after the Queen uttered those words a tall and bulky Sandslash came into view. "I lead this clan. Who are you?" demanded the Sandslash. "I apologize for my rude intrusion. I am Queen Phacelia of the Aster Clan. I come in search of my people who appear to have been imprisoned by your clan," Phacelia spoke sternly; she was not going to have her people treated like this. "We demand, you get off our territory before further action is taken", the Sandslash's voice was strong and loud as he decreed his demand. It seemed as if he was purposely ignoring her. "I demand you explain yourself...Sir?" "Take them away," ordered the Sandslash, ignoring Phacelia's pleas. "Yes Kotetsu," said another Sandslash as they took hold of the group and led them towards the canyon. "Do not make any decision you will regret", spoke Phacelia as she struggled weakly, attempting not to start a fight. --- The canyon was long, but narrow and its walls rocky and rough. Small trials led up to the top of the canyon, but those were of no use. Several torches lit the canyon, and the surrounding caves, up. The group soon found themselves against the wall of a small shallow cave. "This is outrageous, I will not allow myself to be treated this way. Unlike your past experiences with others, we do not fear you", said Queen Phacelia as her hands and legs were tied, as well were those of the others. "For attempted invasion of the Kilik Clan, I sentence you to death," barked Kotetsu, as Phacelia and the rest of the group let out a gasp. "Attempted invasion? If at all you were the ones who invaded our personal space," the ropes tightened as she continued, "We need access to the mainland, and a ferry is the only way to do so," her pleas continued unanswered. "You have landed on our territory, thus, you are now our prisoners", this time Kotetsu spoke. "Is your head as dense as the ground you sleep on?" "Silence! Hariko, finish her off!" Phacelia struggled, as her guards attempted to defend her, but alas they were held back A small Sandshrew popped up to take a look at the situation, but was quickly dragged back home by its mother. "You're nothing but a coward. You can't even do your own cold blooded killing", this time Phacelia's comment found it's mark. "Do you want me to deal with you myself? So be it." "Is the only way you can deal with a woman, is when she's tethered and chain?" The guards and clan members seemed uneasy with the approach she was taking. Torches of the canyon glowed brightly as they flames danced in the night sky. "I deal with all my prisoners this way." "I am not your prisoner. It is you who is the prisoner as you are nothing but a prisoner of your own hate," Phacelia stood bravely awaiting her end. "I have no hate in me. Only justice", Kotetsu spoke as he looked at Phacelia sternly. "Then justice is blind. And all you've worked for, all you've built upon your so-called philosophy is worthless. Because without motive, you are nothing but lost in this world. No, little man in this world violence doesn't turn it, hope does" "You fool. You dare insult our clan?" spoke Kotetsu with a hint of disgust. "You insult yourselves by using such savage ways to deal with your so called problems." "And what would you consider civilized?" asked Kotetsu curious to what the plant would have to say. "I would consider having a FAIR and honest trial civilized. Where both says tell their part of their story and the end results are weighed to see who speaks the truth. Then and only then will this be truly just." "A trial? Very well." spoke Kotetsu as the clan members looked at him, curious to what he had planned. "So there is reason inside of him after all", thought Phacelia as she awaited his response. "You will fight one of our warriors. The winner's story will be considered the truth" Kotetsu smiled he would have a fight and justice as well. What a day this would be. "What trial this will turn out to be..." though Phacelia as she spoke, "Very well I will hold council with my people and we will decide who will fight." "Be quick. Our warrior awaits." spoke Kotetsu impatiently. The queen was released from her chains and soon held conference with her group. Murmurs arose and a decision was finally reached. "Kotetsu..." Kotetsu stopped talking and turned his attention to the queen, "Very well, we have chosen our champion," Phacelia stopped and took in a deep breathe of air, brushing back her petals with her hand before looking up at Kotetsu, "I will go and fight."