From: RobfromVoid ( Subject: [PW!] Robert's 18th Birthday! Newsgroups: Date: 2000/03/18 Robert's eyelids dart open the moment he hears knocking on the door to his room. He awakens from his slumber with a start, hopping out of bed to answer the door, fully conscious of what day it is - his birthday. Despite how clear he is when it comes to knowing what day it is, he is somewhat irrational when it comes to predicting who is knocking on his door. The obvious candidate that enters his mind is Mithril-rama - so as he opens the door, he closes his eyes and puckers up. When Robert receives a kiss on the cheek instead of on the lips, he is a little confused. That is, until he hears his mother's voice saying, "How nice of you to let me kiss you, Robert! You used to let me all the time, but recently you've..." "AHHHH!" Robert opens his eyes and backs away from his mom, shrinking back into his sheets, wanting to go back to sleep. Robert's mother pulls Robert's sheets away from him, "Wake up, Robert! Don't you know that today is your birthday? I have a present for you and everything! Tonight we can go to the movies and dinner and you can even invite your little girlfriend!" "Did you say present?" Robert hops out of bed and slides on his blue jeans, running out into the Living Room. Sitting on the couch, next to Kathy the gray Persian, is a small box that says "Compaq" on it, "You got me a lap top computer! Yeah, just what I wanted! Now I can have a computer at home and one at work when the Gym is finally built. I'm going to need one if I'm going to make that spectacular website for the Diversity Gym, which should be ready for use by the end of March! THANK YOU!" Robert kisses his mom, runs over to the door, and puts on his black sneakers, "I just have to go tell Rilli!" Robert's mother cups her hands and walks up to the door as Robert heads through it, "But what about dinner and a movie?" "Oh yeah, Rilli would love to go to dinner and a movie with me... Just me and her, of course. Thanks for the advice!" Robert leaps onto his gold and silver two-seater bicycle and starts peddling as fast as he can, towards Mithril-rama's house, certain that his girlfriend has a wonderful birthday surprise ready for him, "I just hope Rilli remembered. I mean, my last birthday party was such a long time ago... How long has it been since my 17th birthday in Stone Town? Eight, ten, twelve months? Ahh, I'm sure she remembered no matter how long ago it was - she has a much better memory than I do..." When he arrives at Rilli's house, he leaps off of his bike and heads up to the porch. He knocks on the door with a smile on his face, daydreaming about what Rilli has prepared for his birthday. Then a thought comes to Robert's mind as he waits for Rilli to answer, "Hmm, I'd better be careful what I think about Rilli now that I'm a legal adult and she's still a minor. I'll just have to stop picturing her in skimpy little outfits, like I've done in the past. Those thoughts were too naughty for me, anyhow!" -Robert