From: Scythe10085 ( Subject: [PW!]Ron's new Pokemon[ATTN:CC2K] Newsgroups: Date: 2000/03/22 Lewis helped Ron out of the water."Thanks," said Ron, gasping for breath."Follow me" Lewis siad. Lewis walked toward his room, with Angel,Ron, and O following him. He got the key and opened." you happen to have any luggage?" Lewis asked. Ron nooded. He went to the bathroom, pulled out a towel, and set his soaking on the outside, dry on the inside backpack on top of it. He also grabbed a couple of towels for him and O to dry off with. "Again, thanks for the help," said Ron.O added, "Yes. Very much"."You're very welcome" Lewis said."So.......just who are you?" "I'm Ron,"He looked at O "And I am agent O," O siad, "I work for The English government. MI6." "Oh, cool" Lewis said."Well, we had better go." Angel said."Yes, do you wanna follow us?" Lewis asked.O said,"Sure. I have nothing better to do......of the moment...." He said.Ron decided he'd tag along as well. As they walked across the deck, a call came for a Ron Airelson to visit the Pokemon Center. "Hey, I'll see you in a minute guys. Phone call" said Ron. They all nodded and continued on. Ron went to the Center.The Nurse Joy pointed to a video phone. "Are you Ron?" she asked. He nodded, and walked over to the phone. There was an Officer Jenny on the monitor. She informed him of the dead of his freind, Scythe, and told him he had Pokemon that survived. She had them sent to the center. Ron grabbed the Poke Balls of his new Pokemon."Scythe......I promise to take good care of these Pokemon. May the help me achieve great heights." A tear formed in his eye. He quickly wiped it away and caught up with Lewis and co. TBC.....(Hopefully by Lewis)