From: ( Subject: [PW!][League] Round 7! Same as Round 1! Mike vs Gads! Newsgroups: Date: 2000/03/04 "Gads Trisan!?!?!" Mike demanded. Mike had just learned of his opponent for round seven, it was Gads Trisan, the person he fought in round one. "Gads Trisan!?!?" Mike repeated. "There must be some mistake, mam. Mike already fought Gads in his first round." Lewis says to the attendant. "This sort of situation happens. Round seven only has a total of eight people in it, and four of them are in the wrong badge categorie for Mr. Threener. There is no mistake, Gads Trisan is your opponent." the attendant said. "Couldn't I just fight one of the other two that are battling?" Mike asks. "One is undecided, and the other is your friend Meeko, so I think there's little choice in the matter." she said. "Cheer up, Mike. I fought Atoshi in the first and fourth rounds." Lewis says to Mike. "Yah, but there was a difference then: A Jigglypuff didn't knock out Dragonair AND Kabutops! And of course, YOUR Beedrill somehow knows psychic attacks!" Mike shouts back. "Chill out!" Bridget says. "Jiggly!" Lewis' baby Jigglypuff says. "Oh well, I might as well head down there. Hope this match won't be as hard as the first..." Mike says. -------------------------------- "Welcome to Indigo Stadium for round seven of the League Games! Here we have yet another spectacular turn of events: Mike Threener, undefeated division 0-6 champ is battling Gads Trisan, who he battled in the first round and has become a major celebrity thanks to his Jigglypuff, Sketch!" the announcer shouts. Gads walks onto the platform. "Good luck." Gads says. "I'll need it." Mike replies. The flags raise up, signalling them to call out their Pokemon. "Vinal, I choose you!" Gads shouts.A familiar Tangela appeared. "Parasect, go!" Mike shouts. "Vinal, Sleep powder!" Gads shouts. The Tangela shoots out the powder at the Parasect, and Mike commands, "Counter with spore!" Parasect releases the spore at Vinal, and both sleeping powders hit practically simoultaneously, putting both Pokemon to sleep. "Both Pokemon are unable to battle, draw!" the announcer shouts. Gads and Mike recall their snoozing Pokemon."Beedrill, I choose you!" Mike shouts. "Gnawer, go!" Gads shouts. As soon as the Rattata was released, however, it was immediately knocked out by a pin missile from Beedrill, which was very unexpected. "Gnawer! Eerr, return Gnawer! A-Bomb, go!" Gads shouts in anger. An Electrode came out of the pokeball."Electrode!" it shouted. "Beedrill, Twinneedle!" Mike shouts.Beedrill swoops up and heads down to stap the orb that was Electrode. "Thundershock now!" Gads shouts. A-Bomb fired the electricity straight out at Beedrill, frying it to a crisp as it hit the ground."Agh! Beedrill return!" Mike shouts. Mike looked at his opponent. He had gone too far: He had fried his first Pokemon. "Scyther, slash that lousy excuse for a soccer ball!" Mike shouts. The preying mantis Pokemon sliced out of its pokeball, ready for battle. "A-Bomb, take it out with thundershock!" Gads shouts. A-Bomb powered up it's thunder, and Mike shouted, "Double team now!" Three Scythers were now on the field, and the thundershocks missed the real one twice, and Scyther slashed into A-Bomb, scraping it. A-Bomb looked at its scraped side and jumped up to Scyther, and with a miraculous turn of events, exploded! Scyther fell to the ground, also crispy.A-Bomb fell soon afterwards, boggle-eyed. "Both Pokemon are once again tied! Next Pokemon!" the flag guy shouts. "Dow, I choose you!" Gads shouts. The all-too familiar Drowzee appeared in the stadium. "That thing. This may not have a nickname, but it's revenge time, so I choose you: Dragonite!" Mike shouts. The nearly all-powerful Dragonite appeared on the field, expecting to finally get some sleep, but then saw Dow. Memories flashed in front of Dragonite, mainly of the Drowzee who had humiliated him when he was a Dragonair on the water field. It was payback time.Dragonite, without thinking about its trainer(As usual) fired a hyper beam straight at Dow, who didn't think of that unexpected thing hit him and sent him flying back to the trainer's box. "Dow, return!" Gads shouts. "Go..." The crowd tenced up. There were only two choices left for Gads, but they were good ones... one was the Jigglypuff from hell, and the other was a Mankey unlike any other. "... Sketch." Gads releaced the Jigglypuff. The Jigglypuff looked up... right into the eyes of the hovering Dragonite. Despite an evolutionary step, Sketch recognized it in an instant. The... HEATHEN that destroyed her FAVORITE red crayon. "Jiggly..." The Dragonite also recognized the Jigglypuff that had used it's OWN attack, Dragon Rage attack on it. "DragonITE!" Both began their attack, the Dragonite winding up for a Hyper Beam, and Sketch wiggling it's fingers back and forth for a metronome attack. Time seemed to slow down as the two raced for control... Sketch finished first, and then... began to sing. "JiGgLYpuff, JIGglypuFF..." Began to sing badly. Began to sing so badly that Dragonite had relapses of it's debut singing performance during the first round of the Games. After a moment, it realized that Sketch sang much, MUCH worse. So did the audience. One member cried out over the singing "God DAMN that Jigglypuff can't sing!" The audience began to boo. Sketch, looking up, stopped. The audience NEVER booed her. The people LOVED her! How could they mock her just because she couldn't sing, why would they? An aura of sheer power surrounded Sketch... Her mental tirade was cut off by Dragonite's Hyper Beam. The Jigglypuff took it full on... and came out standing, arms crossed. "What the..." Mike has a baffled look on his face. Gads simply gawked. Sketch just took a Hyper Beam. From a Dragonite. And wasn't out cold. In fact, it didn't look too bad... The audience stopped booing. That Jigglypuff was only pushed back a few feet by a HYPER BEAM! So what if it couldn't sing... Sketch flashed white for a moment, then opened it's mouth again. This time, instead of terrible music, a HUGE beam of energy shot out. Dragonite, stunned stupid by the fact the beam didn't OBLITERATE the little puffball, took it head on, and fell out of the sky, onto the field. A steely glint entered Sketch's eye. "Puff..." Mike recalled Dragonite. "Damn. Not again. Dragonite's NOT gonna like this one bit when he wakes up. Failing to KO a Jigglypuff with a Hyper Beam... Go KABUTOPS! SLASH!" Kabutops appeared, and quickly raced towards the Jigglypuff before it could recover from the Hyper Beam. "TOPS!" Sketch couldn't recover in time. All that saved it from being popped was because Kabutops hit it with the flat of the blade. While it COULD take a Hyper Beam, a Hyper Beam AND a Slash attack was asking too much. Sketch fell over. Gads simply nodded. "Sketch return. Monk-chan, you're up." The Mankey lept off of Gads head. He had to take down two with only himself left. Fine by it. Monk-chan simply smirked at the Kabutops. "Kabutops! Slash that ball of fur as well!" Kabutops lunged at the Mankey. For a moment, Monk-chan didn't look like it was going to move. In fact, it looked like the Mankey was just gonna take the Slash. However, when the scythe-like blade came down... Monk-chan caught it between it's hands. "Key..." The smirk never left his face. Kabutops paled. No one had ever caught it's blade before. It swung with the other one... Just to have it caught between Monk-chan's feet. "Man key key..." Monk-chan chuckled. Some Pokemon didn't realize when they were outclassed. "SEISMIC TOSS!" Monk-chan released hold on the second blade, but before the Kabutops could do anything about it, it found itself about 50 feet in the air, and coming down fast. *THUD* It THEN found itself head-first in the dirt. "LOW KICK!" Then, it was uprooted by a sliding kick from the Mankey. Kabutops got up, swung left, right, then left again, making sure it was safe for it to keep battling, then charged again. "KARATE CHOP!" Now, anyone who knows the Mankey knows that when this attack is called, the Mankey's hand has a magnetic pull towards the nearest head. Unfornuately for Kabutops, that head was it's. *WHAM!* Small cracks appeared in the Rock pokemon's head as it fell over, out cold. "GA!" Mike recalled the Kabutops. 'Thank goodness I saved this one for last...' "Go VENOMOTH!" The moth Pokemon appeared in front of Mike's tower. Gads swore. "Damn it... Sabrina uses one of those. They know Psychic attacks! Monk-chan! Don't let it blast ya!" "Key!!" Monk-chan knew better then to attack first this time, and took a ready posision. "Psybeam, Venomoth!" Venomoth shot off a beam of pure psychic energy at the Mankey. Monk-chan cartwheeled to the side, then lunged forward with a set of Fury Swipes. The last two batted the Venomoth, but it wasn't enough to do any serious damage. Both Mike and Gads waited to give their next command, neither wanting to move first. The Mankey and the Venomoth held their ground, the former knowing that acting first is suicide, the latter now used to acting without commands from it's trainer. Finally, both made their move. "SEISMIC TOSS!" "SLEEP POWDER!" The Venomoth began flapping it's wings, releacing it's powder... but was caught by the Mankey, who was holding his breath. It was tossed down into the ground, instead of straight up like normal. However, Monk-chan didn't totally fall asleep, but it DID inhale enough to make it woozy. "Key..." Monk-chan shook his head, trying to fight off the effects as Venomoth rose from it's impact crater. "PSYBEAM!" "MONK-CHAN! GET MOVING!" The Venomoth shot out the Psybeam at the back of the Mankey's head as the Mankey began to roll aside... *BLAM!* "Key..." Monk-chan stopped rolling, out like a light. "Damn..." Gads bowed his head. His run in the League Games ended here. He lept off the platform to go get Monk-chan from the field. "Venomoth has won the match! Mike Threener is the WINNER!" Mike cheered from his platform. "YEAH!" The crowds cheered, oblivious that their former hero was the one that fell. All that ment was the rise of another that they could cheer for. After all, why cheer for a loser? Gads headed for the exit. No one noticed. TBC? (OOC: Well, while trying to come up with an ending, and I was watching an old boxing title match to write a poem about for my college English class...) He entered to the cheers of thousands, a hero to us all. The better man, surely, one who has the finer qualaties of man But what happens if the better man isn't the man that wins? Is he truly the better man, does he represent the best in us all? Of course not, after all, he lost, he is no longer the better man. And leaves to the cheers of thousands, not a single one for him. What a fickle thing fame is, never one to stay in place It's a friend of everyone, but only if everyone's a winner. (Not exactly the greatest poem, but it's easy to see where I got the ending, isn't it?) From your friendly, neighborhood LORDLOCKE