From: Jose L. Solano (jsolano199@aol.comlink) Subject: [PW!] Run, Retwin, Run! Newsgroups: Date: 2000-08-19 11:11:38 PST Pokewars: Trent Retwin "Run, Retwin, Run!" Jose L. Solano Trent paced around the area, expecting at least another ATR member to ome out of one of the bunkers. Perhaps there was an entire legion of them waiting behind all doors, ready to eliminate Trent. Or maybe there were none. He couldn't be too sure, he never knew how many ATR were running around. Suddenly, Trent's holoprojector began to beep. He took it off his belt and activated it. The floating device projected the image of a man in a business suit. "...Lynch...? You're alive...?" "Ah, good to see your memory is intact, Retwin," Mr. Lynch said. "I have an assignment for you." "An assignment? I'm not in the business anymore." "Nor are you an agent of mine, I know. However, there is a problem with this island you're on." "How did you know...?" "Let's just say I have contacts. You'll have to escape this island, it's been targetted for bombardment by Team Rocket." "Are you sure?" "Why yes. I have assurances from Giovanni himself." "Giovanni?!" "My, how times change. We've become partners. Now, leave this island at once, I wouldn't want you to be caught in the crossfire." The holoprojector shut itself off and fell to the floor. "<Hey Trent, I found a cookie, want it?>" "A cookie, Ashura?" "<Yeah. It's butter pecan.>" "Throw it away. Did you find anything?" Ashura sat down with his claws to his sides. "<Nope. You?>" "Nothing, but I got a message from Mr. Lynch. He says the island's going to be bombed." "<Lynch is still alive?! When will that bastard die?!>" "Anyway, we need to get off the island. Get back in your Pokéball." Trent held out Ashura's black Pokéball. "<Godammit, Trent!>" Ashura yelled as he was sucked in. Taking his assault rifle, Trent ran back into the bunker he had walked out of. Just as when he had walked through earlier, there was nobody there. He ran out and into the clearing, past Dai's mutilated corpse. Trent ran into the woods and finally reached the small meadow where he had killed Gohan. Quickly, he released Daedelus. Riding comfortably in Daedelus's claws, Trent drifting downward, through the clouds, and back into Lavender Town. Trent recalled Daedelus and walked towards the Jennings residence. He was surprised to find the family gathered around the TV, watching a sitcom. "Hey," Trent said. "Hi, Trent! What happened?" Katherine asked. "Well, there was some base there, a few guys tried to kill me. The usual." "I'm glad you're safe." Katherine put her arms around him. "Surprise, surprise, Trent!" Mr. Lynch walked down the stairs, aiming a small handgun at him. Trent pulled his assault rifle out of his trenchcoat. "I wouldn't do that, Retwin." Several guards walk out of the hallway. One pops out from behind the couch, another from the kitchen. Two guards held their weapons to Trent's head while the rest hold the family secure. Red Speer appeared from the stairway and held a gun to Katherine's head. "It seems you're just as stupid now as you were then," Lynch said. "Lynch and Speer... how the hell did you survive?! I shoved YOU off a building and fed YOU to a pack of Rhydon!" "Well, that's the thing, Retwin. You should always make sure you find the body. I was fortunate to have a Snorlax to land on. As for Speer, you never touched him. At the last moment, he used one of our newer devices and left a... 'clone' of himself." "Oh, good. I was thinking both of you came back from Hell." "Yes, we could've done that if we had died, but we didn't and now we're here." Lynch took a seat on the couch next to Hank. "What do you want from me?" "Revenge, Retwin. Do you think I'd let you get away with 'killing' me?" Trent looked at Katherine, who had a confused look on her face. "Don't worry, Kate, I don't get this either." The guards left the Jennings family and surrounded Trent. "Take them away," Lynch commanded. Trent and Katherine were escorted out the door. "I don't understand, Mr. Lynch. Why are you taking the girl and not the family?" Red asked. "He doesn't care about the Jennings family. He only seems to love her, and if we keep her hostage we can make sure he won't try to escape. You know how sneaky he can be." "What about his child?" "Hmm... I hadn't thought of that. Take the infant as well." Red reached for Nicholas, but Hank stood in his way. "Don't you dare!" "Don't I dare what, Mr. Jennings?" Red asked, pointing his gun at Emily. "Don't let them, Hank!" Emily yelled. "Don't you want to see what your wife's brains look like?" "Don't you dare!" "Don't I dare what, Mr. Jennings?" "Don't let them, Hank!" "Enough!" Lynch yelled. "If there's anything I can't stand it's redundancy. Just take the child, kill the man, if you must." "No! Don't you dare!" "Don't I dare what, Mr. Jennings?" "Speer, that's enough!" "Alright." Red took Nicholas and held him with his left arm, still aiming at Emily. "You won't get away with this!" Emily yelled. "Watch me!" Red pulled the trigger. Blood shot out from behind Emily's head as the bullet flew through, piercing the wall. "YOU BASTARD!" Hank yelled, charging at Red. In a matter of seconds, he lay on the floor, two bullet holes in his chest. "Not the neatest job, but it will suffice. Come, Speer. We have work to do."