From: ShiningTiger ( Subject: [PW!] Safari Zone...again? Newsgroups: Date: 2000/03/23 Ryo sat on a bench in Fuchsia City, puffing on a cigar. He still wasn't sure where he picked up the habit, but it certainly helped him think right now. Here he was, back where this whole mess started, and he couldn't quite bring himself to go back in there for the one pokémon he needed now. He took a long drag on the cigar as he thought... FLASHBACK~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Ryo and Growlithe had stumbled into the unexplored reaches of the Safari Zone, still lost. Dragonair had pointed them in this direstion for a way out, but they still hadn't found the cave it was trying to tell them about, just a mountain. Growlithe looked tired, and Ryo certainly was, so it came as a total surprise when the ground started shaking. A chance glance upward made things wasn't an earthquake, it was a volcanic eruption! The top of the mountain burst, sending rocks flying everywhere. Ryo was stunned, and couldn't bring himself to move as ine came sailing right at him. However, just before it hit, he was shoved aside by Growlithe, and the red hot stone struck it in the throat. Ryo was at the fallen Growlithe's side instantly, but it began to glow as it lay bleeding on the ground...the stone had been a Fire Stone, Growlithe was evolving!... END FLASHBACK~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Ryo stood at the gates to the Safari Zone. He needed to catch that Chansey...Arcanine's wound had been getting worse, and this was the only way to save him. Bracing himself, he stepped through... TBC Ryo Masaki