From: Time Lady ( Subject: [PW!][League]Sarah Jane vs Dan - final match Newsgroups: Date: 2000/03/22 A few things before this post begins. This match was decided via an online battle between me and Kirb, using our chars pokemon and perfect stats, and moderated by a fellow PW person (who, after he sees what I say, will be glad I didn't mention names). At first the moderator was using a program developed by a fellow pokemon fan as a battler. This proved to be rather flawed as odd hits were coming out with innacurate points, and partway through the match the moderator switched to using a calculator and pad. A couple of days later, after reviewing the match, I proposed to Kirb that we redo the match. Kirb refused. The match you see has been edited by Kirb, with a few comments added in by Jeff Hauser (Damian's RL), who could not attend. The unedited version of the battle is available for review upon emailed request. Announcer: Welcome again to Indigo Stadium! Today's battle will be the final battle of the League's 7+ bracket, Sarah Jane Eckert vs. Dan of Pallet Town! It looks like they're ready to start, so may the best trainer win! Sarah Jane sends out Tauros! Dan sends out Dewgong! Audience member: Woo! Tauros Inexperienced Announcer: Sarah sends in that bull thing! There is a sealion over there! Damian: <facefaults> SarahJaneEckert: Okay.... let's go Ferdinand.... Audience member: Not that I'm going for anyone, I just like Tauros....Ferdinand? Go Dewgong! The pokemon are of completely different types! Tauros makes the first move, with Hyper Beam! 208 damage! Dewgong counters with Blizzard! 173 damage! Tauros is Frozen Solid! Inexperienced Announcer: Ice cream will be sold on the side lines. Dan: :-) Audience member: Wooo! Dewgong Announcer: The artic mammal unelashes it's wrath on tauros which is unfortunate enough to be frozen. Sarah Jane calls back Ferdinand, and in its place sends Cherry Bomb the electrode! Dewgong uses Rest! it regained health! Inexperienced Trainer: Hit the dirt! Inexperienced Announcer: Why are they sleeping? Isn't this a battle? Shields: >_< Dan calls back Dewgong, and in its place sends MAROWAK, the evolution of Cubone! The Electrode's Thunderbolt fails! Announcer: Looks like that change of pokemon wasn't such a good idea. Shields: >_< Audience member: *Heckles announcer* Inexperienced Announcer: That's it. I quit. *throws down headphones, walks off* Damian: Thank goodness. Shields: ^^;;; Sarah Jane calls back Cherry Bomb, and sends in Asterix the Starmie! Marowak uses Bonemerang! Two hits! Total of 118 damage! Dan calls back Marowak, and sends in Raichu! Starmie uses Surf! 121 damage! Sarah Jane calls back Starmie, and sends in Digger the Dugtrio! Raichu's Thunderbolt does nothing! Dan calls back Raichu, and send in Venusaur! Digger does 119 damage with Earthquake! Sarah Jane calls back Digger, and sends in Beedril! Venusaur uses Razor Leaf! 76 damage on a critical hit! Shields: <waves "Go Team" banner> Dan calls back Venusaur! He sends in Aerodactyl! Beedril uses Twin Needle! 22 damage on two hits! SarahJaneEckert: >_< Sarah Jane calls back Beedril, and sends in Starmie! Aerodactyl flew up high! Aerodactyl uses Fly! Critical hit! 182 damage! Starmie recovers 161 with Recover! SarahJaneEckert: oh good lord.... Audience member: NOTHING IS GOING TO DIE. Audience member: EVER. Dan: haha... Aerodactyl flew up high! Starmie misses with Surf! ::Clefairy starts dancing around the battlefield:: Aerodactyl uses Fly! 97 damage! Starmie uses Surf! Critical hit! Aerodactyl faints. SarahJaneEckert: ppphhheewww.... Announcer: It's a ONE Hit WONDER! Taken down on the first go! Announcer: There is a significant difference in reserve pokemon. Dan: no there isn't...there's one down each... Damian: Why is this announcer trying to sound like the one in Pokemon League 2000? Is he one of those people that wastes their time playing sports video games instead of playing the actual sport? Dan sends out Venusaur. Sarah Jane switches to Beedril! Announcer: Sparks are flying in this Battle! Venusaur uses Sleep Powder! Beedril fell asleep! Dan switches to Kadabra! Beedril is fast asleep! JonfromCinnabar: Who's kicking? Audience member: Jon, nobody. Nobody is "kicking". Everyone is "poking". Or "whittling". Or "doing nothing at all". JonfromCinnabar: SO who's winning. Audience member: No one. JonfromCinnabar: Aah. JonfromCinnabar: Switch fest, like my last battle. Sarah Jane switches in Asterik the Starmie! Kadabra uses Psychic! Critical hit! Starmie faints! Dan: ... Announcer: It's a one hit wonder! Damian's t-shirt: Where's the mute button? Dan: i wasn't expecting that... Sarah sends in Digger the Dugtrio! Dan switches in Venusaur! Dugtrio uses Earthquake, 117 damage! Lewis, Mike, and Bridget: *Just sitting around watching* Sarah switches to Svengali the Hypno! Venusaur uses Sleep Powder! But, it failed! Lewis: Go Sarah Jane! That guy beat me in the fifth round! Dan calls back Venusaur! And Dan sends in Dewgong! Lewis: Come on, dig dig DIG! Mike: Lewis, I celebrated when I won, now you can shut up. Bridget: It looks like they're playing "who can recall the Pokemon first" Hypno uses Psychic! 124 damage to Dewgong! Dewgong wakes! Announcer: All hell has broken loose in today's battle. Hypno uses Psychic! 123 damage! Lewis: Yah, go Sarah Jane!!! Mike: Shut up, shut up! Dewgong uses Blizzard! Critical hit! Hypno takes 251. Hypno uses Psychic! 125 damage. Announcer: Dewgong is barely hanging on to life! Dewgong uses Blizzard! 127 damge! It faints Hypno to the dot! Announcer: Dewgong is barely hanging on to life still! Sarah sends in Cherry Bomb the Electrode! Lewis: Yay! Dan switches to Marowak, saving Dewgong! Electrode's Thunderbolt has no effect! Lewis: Sonicboom it or somethin! Sarah Jane switches to Digger the Dugtrio! Lewis: Dig, dig, dig, dig, dig Marowak uses Bonemerang! 196 damage from two hits! Dugtrio uses Earthquake! 97 damage! Marowak uses Bonemerang! It's two hits, 198 damage! Dugtrio faints! Damian: Uh - oh... Announcer: There's an obvious difference in the number of reserve pokemon! Dan: haha... Sarah sends in Tweedle the Beedril! Lewis and Mike: GO BEEDRILL! Beedril wakes up! Marowak dug a hole! Audience member: I wonder what Marowak will do next turn Beedril uses Swords Dance! Attack greatly rose! Marowak misses with Dig! Bad luck there! Lewis and Mike: YAAAAAAAAH! Damian: <moves further away hoping to prevent permanent hearing loss> Beedril uses Pin Missile! It hit five times! 155 damage to Marowak! Marowak uses Bonemerang! 176 damage from two hits! JonfromCinnabar: Who's winning? *can't see the scoreboard* JonfromCinnabar: Jon is talking in the third person. Beedril uses Twin Needle! 80 damage to Marowak! Oh, Marowak is down! Mike and Lewis: YAAAAAAAAH! SarahJaneEckert: <phew> Dan sends in Kadabra! Lewis: mistake Dan! Dan: not really... JonfromCinnabar: *shouts* PIN MISSILE!!! Sarah switches to Electrode! JonfromCinnabar: NO! Lewis: NO! JonfromCinnabar: YES! Lewis: NO! Kadabra uses Psybeam! 104 damage! Dan switches to Venusaur! Electrode uses Thunderbolt! Critical hit! 99 damage! Sarah switches in Tweedle the Beedril! Venusaur uses Sleep Powder! Tweedle falls asleep! Dan switches to Kadabra! Beedril is fast asleep! Damian: I think this just about fits Egon Spengler's definition of bad... Sarah switches back Electrode! Kadabra uses Psychic! 141 damage to Electrode! Electrode uses Thunderbolt! 87 damage, Kadabra is paralized! Kadabra faints Electrode with Psychic! Sarah sends in Tweedle the Beedril! Tweedle is fast asleep! Kadabra is fully paralized! Announcer: And the tension builds! Dan: this's going to be a pain... Tweedle wakes up! Kadabra is fully paralized! Lewis and Mike: Yaah! Beedril uses Twin Needle! Super effective! 162 damage from two hits! Kadabra uses Psychic! Tweedle faints! Lewis: NOOOOO! Tauros is sent in. Tauros is Frozen. Dan: haha... SarahJaneEckert: <sigh> That's it..... Ref: The match goes to Dan. SarahJaneEckert: Good game.... Dan: yeah...i didn't think i even had a chance... SarahJaneEckert: <nod> Audience: *Cheers Dan* Announcer: That was an intense battle! Down to the wire! SarahJaneEckert: <quietly walks off the platform, followed by Shields> ::Clefairy dances around the field:: Announcer: well, that makes Dan and Mike the two winners of the Pokemon League Games!... -- (o)_(o) || Time Lady, _(^*^)_ ||, (__ __) || Visit the Mystic Manor Homepage /_/\_\ ||