From: Richard Barnes ( Subject: Re: [PW!][SS Anne] Searching for Angel Newsgroups: Date: 2000/03/18 Lewis19 <> wrote in message news:wnNA4.55089$ > Lewis' eyes glowed a deep blue as the psychic link began, and memories > of each other's lives flowed into one another's minds. > Lewis was still struggling to keep the link on, he was a trained > psychic, but it had been three years since the last time he attempted a > psychic link. It wasn't too hard thanks to the fact that Angel has > focused his psychic powers like Sabrina had for Lewis. <snip> Sartak moved towards the door, recalling Kinetech as he went. "You two obviously have stuff to sort. See ya!" -- When life gives you a lemon, pour the juice in it's eyes... Fan of the great Mewtwo, copious user (outside in the real world, outside the window) of the word arse Richard Barnes Currently owning 15 Y2Tech points 5000 "stupid sig" points, i'll take it as a compliment... 7750 experience points (bless the fact i've been playing since Pkmn green, ie 4 years!),Ta wessand7 100 "Point-beggar" points just for being good ICQing at 67332157