From: Marco262 ( Subject: Re: [PW!] Shabby Ship Shopping Newsgroups: Date: 2000/03/17 RobfromVoid wrote: > Marvin sweatdrops and quickly changes the subject, "Look, over there at > the end of the pier, it's a Used Boat Dealership!" > > -Marvin "That's a boat dealership?" The grimy dock in front of them was filled with holes. Darian wouldn't have been surprised if it was older than he was. "You bet," said Marvin, "One of the best in town." "I wouldn't want to see the worst in town," Darian mumbled. There was a man sitting at a desk in front of the dock. He greeted them entusiastically. "Welcome, welcome!" he said, "And how can I help this lovely woman?" The man grinned at Famifax. "You want her? She's yours." In a split second, Famifax was cuddling close to the man; she thought she still had a deathgrip on Darian. The real Darian was standing off to the side, massaging his arm which had since turned six shades of purple. The man smile and offered to show them the boats, savoring the feeling of Famifax's cleavage pressed into his side. "Great idea!" cried Marvin, "Let's go right away!" Although the dock was very unappealing in appearence, Darian had to admit that it made up for it with its merchandise. The newest models were in plentiful supply all over the property. The salesman was explaining the advantage of Lifetime warranty to Marvin when Darian noticed something a bit unusual. "Hey, my wallet's gone!" Darian dropped to the ground and frantically searched the dock. Then he heard it... "Perrrrsian!" "Mime! Mr. Mime!" "Maro <censored>wak marowak!" "Ma-ha-ha-champ!" Darian looked in the direction of the sound. Unfortunately he couldn't, because a luxury yacht blocked his line of sight. He sprinted fifteen feet to the nearest porthole and peered in. Inside, a Machamp and a Marowak were seated behind a large round table in the middle of a casino in the ship. The Marowak was throw his bone around every where in fits of anger, and the Machamp was plain laughing his head off. As Darian watched, the bone hit a huge pile of coins on the other side of the table and what it revealed made Darian's jaw drop. Bozo and Pardus were hastily gathering up the coins. The Mr. Mime was shoveling huge handfuls of coins into a wallet Pardus held in his mouth. Darian's wallet! "Well I'll be a Mankey's uncle! He was playing poker. And he won!" Pardus and the Mr. Mime both spied Darian at the same time and rushed out to meet him. Darian laughed as they gave him his wallet. It felt twice as heavy as when he lost it. "This is amazing! You are real poker studs!" Both pokémon just smiled at each other. TBC? (OOC: Sorry it took me so long for a reply.) -- -Marco262, Aspiring Regular ***************** Points: 15 Y2Tech Points 1 Mewtwo? Been Done Point 200 AGNP love points 1 Defibrillator point ________ Points freely given ***************** Be nice to your enemies, it drives them nuts. IAD: The International Dyslexics Association ***************** "Get a real pet, get a monkey." -µ "Recent evidence suggests that a barrel of monkey is not half as fun as previously claimed, and is in fact, rather horrifying." -R2D2METWO "He's a legend in his own mind. Anywhere else he'd be arrested." -My friend Teresa "I'm sorry, but I don't trust anything that bleeds for three days and doesn't die." -Mr. Garrison on PMS ***************** Words of Wisdom: "It's not the pace of life I mind, it's the abrupt stop at the end." -Hobbes "A mirror, a shield, a promise, a great distance, and a kind word-five ways to avoid harm." Flavor text on Pentagram of the Ages "If we didn't laugh, we couldn't react to a lot of life." -Hobbes "The only reason that people use profanity or insults is that they can't come up with even a half-decent arguement otherwise." -Me "A bird in the frying pan is worth two in the fire." -Me (Don't ask.) ***************** AIM: Marco262 _________________ | | | PLEASE DO NOT | | FEED THE | | TROLLS | |_________________| | | | | /\/\/\/\|/\/\/\| |/\/\|/\ ()/)