From: myuutsu ( Subject: [PW!] Short and sweet Newsgroups: Date: 2000/03/29 Yea, anyways.... The balloon floated around for a while before crashing into one of the smoke stacks of the S.S. Anne, thus getting our heroin on board. -- NYAAAAAA!!!! Leader of Team myuutsu "I'm not only the president, but I'm also a customer!" Not exactly a proud member... Dima Safonov wrote: They're hot >"Areku: I'm scared of Donna Lewis" wrote: > Have you seen Danielle (TR Myuutsu/Myuutsu) >or Emily (RunWhileYouCan)? In my opinion, they >are not ugly at all. Founder of the Anti-Dima webring and the first Anti-Dima webpage. Saber sits here, after being kidnapped by Dani. SaBeR TR (2:08:19 PM): Whoopse, I've been stabbed. Proudly going to hell for the sake of Pocket Monsters! Is it just me, or is Ai super kawaii? ICQ: 39484702 AIM: myuutsu the PkMn / TR myuutsu URL: Got myuutsu? Remove .nospam to e-mail