From: Jose L. Solano (jsolano199@aol.comlink) Subject: [PW!] Silent Farewell Newsgroups: Date: 2000-09-05 06:34:33 PST Pokewars: Trent Retwin/Katherine Jennings "Silent Farewell" Jose L. Solano Trent sat up in bed, still half-asleep. It was seven thirty in the morning, and Katherine remained asleep. They had slept in the Jennings' master bed, and had made use of it. As much as he had enjoyed those moments, Trent knew that it was the last time he would ever share an intimate moment with the woman he loved. Trent quickly slipped back into his usual black pants and sleeveless shirt. He walked downstairs to the kitchen and began to brew a cup of coffee. This would be a long day, and it'd be best to start it off with at least one good thing. Ashura slept in the living room, having partially regained his memory. Unfortuately, the cybernetic implants were still there- they were directly connected to his brain via the helmet and removing them would kill Trent's prized Sandslash. Ashura heard the coffeemaker and wandered over to the kitchen. "Good morning," Ashura said through the speakers. "You are up early. It is six thirty-five with forty-nine seconds." "Yeah, it's early. We have a big day, Ashura." Trent poured the coffee into a mug and began to drink. "Very peculiar, Trent. My memory shows records of you drinking coffee with sugar and cream." "Yeah, I know... but I just feel like drinking black coffee. Don't ask why, I don't know." Trent finished the coffee and put the mug in the sink. He turned his head 360 degrees, relieving the slight tension in his neck. "You still have matters to tend to, Trent. The funeral is today, and I recall that you wish to finish some business before the event." "I really wish you'd speak casually like you used to." "I am doing my best." Trent walked back upstairs and into Nicholas's room. He slept soundly in his crib, probably dreaming of a mountain of chocolate or a land of teddy bears. Trent watched over him, his large shadow falling on his tiny son. "Goodbye, Nicholas. Behave yourself, and don't give Kate too much trouble." Trent kissed his son on the forehead, producing an odd stare from Ashura. "Such gentleness, as sparse as it is, I have not seen from you in years." "Don't worry, Ashura. It'll all be gone soon." ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Katherine sat in the funeral parlor, dressing in a black gown, holding Nicholas in her arms. As one of her uncles gave the eulogy, she could hear several other family members whispering. "Where is that boy?" "He could at least attended." "Bad enough what he did to Kate, but this is just outright disrespect!" Later in the evening, after the funeral had ended and the guests talked amonst themselves at the reception, Katherine sat alone in a chair with Nicholas in the corner of the room. Her cousin Chad walked up to her, holding an envelope in his hands. "Kate?" "Yes, Chad?" "We found this letter attached to the door. It's from that Trent guy, the one who always had that trenchcoat. I dunno what you did the last few months you were gone, but you don't seem like the kind of girl who'd hang around with creeps like him." Always the chatterbox, Katherine thought. She and her parents had managed to convince her family that Katherine had not really died, but had just been kidnapped and a similar looking body was sent back to the Jennings as a sample of what they could do. Chad, like many others, were still skepticle, but tried to hide it. "Thanks, Chad. I don't mean to be rude, but could I read this in private?" "Oh sure, go right ahead. I'll just go talk to Aunt Rosemary, I hear she's pregnant, but they don't know who the father is. Imagine that, and they always said she was the innocent one!" Katherine looked at Chad is if he were wearing a fish costume and a cheese hat. "Right, anyway, I'll get going." Katherine quickly opened the letter and began to read. Dear Katherine, I'm sorry I wasn't able to come to the funeral, but something has come up. Within this last week, I've found out two important pieces of information. First, your fate. If you haven't noticed, you've bypassed your stay here by about five days. It's not due to whatever higher being controls heaven making his decision, it's because the act of killing a man in anger has cancelled your sainthood out, so you'll be living out your life here on Earth like a normal human being. The other bit of information I've discovered is that I am slowly transforming into a full demon. I doubt it means I'll sprout horns and a pointy tail, but it does mean I'd be a threat to you and Nicholas. I can control my anger now, but that won't last very long. I've taken care of a few things before I left. Remember the old warehouse in Celadon? There's a safe there, it contains about five million dollars, both in money I earned as a mercenary and money I've taken from past targets. That's enough to put Nicholas through college and keep you both financially secure for a few years. You might want to invest some of that money, just in case. Also, I've left a few things for Nicholas. My bounty hunter's trenchcoat, a stuffed Sandshrew, and his first Pokémon, my Golbat, Alucard. Nicholas may become a great Pokémon trainer, maybe he could take on Lance himself like I did, but just make sure he keeps out of trouble. I don't want him to take the same path I did. As for Ashura, he's coming with me. He feels like an outcast in his new cyborg form, and wishes not to see others of his kind. As you read this, we'll be out of Lavender Town and wandering through the desert just beyond the Rock Tunnel. I'm trying to stay away from any other people so I won't inadvertantly hurt them. Maybe if I spend a few years without committing any sins, I might gain my humanity, and we may see each other again. Just remember that I love you and I love Nicholas. Farewell, Katherine. -Ian Trent Retwin A single tear ran down Katherine's cheek as she finished reading Trent's letter. As Trent wandered through the desert, Ashura at his side, a tear also escaped from his eye, the last bit of humanity he had left in him.