From: ( Subject: [PW!] SS. Anne Newsgroups: Date: 2000/03/22 Hotaru blinked softly as the morning light poured inside her room in the Pokecenter. "Shoot," She sighed as she stood up fully awake. The SS.Anne must have gone already, tossing her hair she got fully dressed in her usual black shirt, jeans, white gloves, and clock. Skipping lightly she headed outside. She was right, she could see the SS.Anne in the distance, and moving fast. taking her pokeball in her hand she shouted, "Dewgong go!" Hotaru jumped on dewgong´s back, and stated surfing towards the ship. "I hate ships, I always get sea sick." Hotaru muttered. Dewgong looked at her, and sweatdropped. "Dew gong..." it said dissapointedly. Hotaru looked at Dewgong. "What you talking about of course I act my age, ...maybe." Hotaru added with a side look. Dewgong trashed against the powerful waves of the sea, the SS.Anne closing up. Hotaru, and Dewgong reached the side of it. "Oh flip," Hotaru said as she jumped to get on board, it wasen´t a very graceful jump, and she landed roughly on the deck. "Oh well that wasen´t so bad, Dewgong return!" Checking her small box was still there she carried on her way across. Author´s notes: Hmm not too long, anyway any commenst are much apreciated. Would anybody be interested in interacting? I am getting sicky of writting stories on my own, please???????? T.A.C. Sent via Before you buy.