From: Neo2K (neomenasor@aol.comREMOVE) Subject: Re: [PW!][S.S.Anne] Boarding Anne Newsgroups: Date: 2000/03/16 >Natasha shrugged. "It figures. You set up the bandages, i'll get the >bactine." Meanwhile, Arcturus had noticed the spectacle from the boardwalk. He saw the two run off and he said, "Hrrm....that girl feels familiar. Wait......that's Giovanni's kid isn't it? I'm ether delirious or right. I guess I'll find out" Arcturus began to leisurely walk down to the rooms. TBC (Not trying to impose or anything, if Nat of Otaku wants to use Arcturus or not, it's up to you guys.) *Neo J. Menasor* Supreme Commander of the Flying Grape Tree Devot follower of Gen Masho Rajura Mick Foley is a GOD!!!!!!!! Jerichoholic #93854 Follower of Dreadite ALL HAIL GIGAHAND! The Covenent of Primus, it's a COOKBOOK! *******