From: Pipian ( Subject: Re: [PW!][Pokémon Pack] Stuck in Saffron Newsgroups: Date: 2000/07/22 "Pipian" <> wrote in message news:8lb3qs$i9$ > <Well I don't,> said Keri. > "The Eevee says she doesn't want to," said Orion. > "And the Raichu?" asked Sabrina. > <Rai, raichu.> "I've already got a Marshbadge." "He's already got a Marshbadge." "Well then, ah, yes, I remember battling you... Well, you two can just sit on the sidelines and watch the fun begin, hehe... Wel which one of you two wants to be the first victim, I mean challenger..." "I will," replied Pipian. "Very well, we will battle, 2 pokemon each, followed by a 3rd battle in a form of my choosing." "OK. Go Pyro!" said Pipian as he threw out a Pokéball, releasing a Charmander. "I choose you, Kadabra!" "Ember his rear end now, Pyro!" With that the Charmander shot out a stream of fire towards the unsuspecting psychic pokémon, but without warning, the fire curved up and back to hit Pyro straight in *HIS* rear end. Needless to say, it didn't hurt him too much, considering that the bront of the blast was on his tail... Then, the Charmander was lifted into the air and hit the ceiling. Then it was thrown to the floor. And lifted to the ceiling again. Then crashed to the floor. Needless to say, Pyro was badly hurt from this ordeal. In the stands, Keri watched in awe. <Interesting, Sabrina is using her telepathy to order her Pokémon... Obviously a plan to hide her attacks from her competitor, so that they can't compensate.> <Keri, I think that's quite obvious. Now be quiet.> responded the Raichu. "Pyro, I know you're hurt, but at least try to scratch Kadabra." Pyro acknowledged Pipian's request and just barely scratched the offending Pokémon, who fainted. "Aw man, I hate it when I forget to heal my Pokémon. Needless to say, you won't be so lucky with my next Pokémon, GO MR. MIME!" A barrier was thrown up just after the Mr. Mine appeared. "Pyro! FLAMETHROWER!" A wall of flame streamed from the Charmander's mouth, hitting the Mr. Mime square between the eyes. But it wasn't nearly enough to faint the Mr. Mime. Another throw between the ceiling and floor fainted the Charmander. "OK, Lucky! Your turn now!" The Mr. Mime threw up a Light Screen jnust as the Chansey appeared, putting it behind an invisible wall that would protect against anything (It threw up a barrier before). "Lucky! Minimize, throw a sing, and pound the Mr. Mime." The Chansey managed to do all this, barely scratching the Mr. Mime (besides that it was asleep) and being flung around a lot. "Keep pounding him!" The Mr. Mime took a heavy beating before it woke up, and one Psybeam later, the Chansey was down. "Well, well, Pipian, I guess you forgot what I told you already." "What?" "NEVER shout out your Pokémon's name, if you can help it, and considering you're a great psychic... Well, we're at one round a piece... Now for my 'special' battle. Assistant, could you get a bottle of my customary drink?" A person came out from the back and handed Sabrina a bottle before walking to the back again. "This is a bottle of Old Jynx Spirit, one of my favorite alcoholic beverages. 10 rounds. Whoever knocks the bottle down psychically, has to drink it. Whoever knocks it down the most wins, and therefore wins the the whole battle. It's just you vs. me." "But isn't giving alcoholic beverages to minors illegal?" "It's legal if a gym leader or guardian does..." "Well... But I..." Pipian was about to finish when Sabrina announced that the round would begin. Suddenly, the bottle began to tip back and forth, back and forth... Until a minute later, Sabrina tipped it. "Drink up! Heh... Round one to me..." After a person came out to replace the bottle, the next round began, and after a while, the bottle tipped again, this time by Pipian. Four rounds later, they were dead even at 3 rounds apiece, but Pipian had lost the last two. Interestingly enough the rounds seemed to gradually get shorter, especially the ones where Pipian lost. By the end of 10 rounds, it was 6-4 in favor of Sabrina. "Hah! I won! It never fails! Old Jynx Spirit always lowers your Psychic abilities after you drink it... Not that you apparently had much to begin with..." "I was *hic* tryin' to telll you that I dinna have no more psykee powers *hic* an' that I lost 'em durn a battles." Pipian collapsed to the floor, a drunken wreck. "Heh, I guess I win. I'll decide your punishment after I defeat Orion here." "Huh? Oh yeah, it's my turn now." "I'll take this," she said as she plucked a Pokedex off Pipian's belt and called a Pokéball from it. "You don't need that Hypno if you have no Psychic powers. Here you go. Now as for you, Let's see, let me heal my pokemon and then we can see how you do." She quickly healed her pokemon and got ready to battle. "Go Aquarius!" "Mr. Mime!" "Aquarius! Quick! Hydro Pump now!" The Starmie followed its orders and flung the Mr. Mime against the back wall with its attack. The Mr. Mime followed with another Psybeam. "Tackle! Now!" The Starmie tried a tackle, but the Mr. Mime phased out of the way, and launched a Psyball at it, nearly knocking it out. A piece of ceiling tile fell on the Starmie, finishing it off. "No fair! You made that tile fall!" "All's fair in love and Pokemon battles." "But I saw you looking up before it fell down!" "I simply noticed it was loose. I just helped it on its way." "YOU CHEATED! YOUR EYES GOLWED WHEN THEY WERE LOOKING UP!" "You have no proof." "YOU CHEATER! I CAN'T BELIEVE A GYM LEADER WOULD HAVE TO CHEAT!" "I can't believe you have to argue. You lose by default." "NO, I DON'T! IT'S NOT IN THE RULES!" "It is in my gym. I *CAN* make the rules in my gym you know." "STUPID SABRINA! YOU HAVE TO CHEAT." "That's it. Originally, I was going to let you get off without a punishment..." "Not bloody likely," Orion mumbled to himself. "But now, I guess I'll have to punish you. Bye, bye!" In a flash, everything was black. For Samuraichu, Keri, Orion, and Pipian (Not that Pipian would have seen anything in his state of consciousness.) After a while, everyone woke up. "What happened?" asked Orion with a higher voice than normal as he woke up. "I'm not really sure," replied a male voice, "but Sabrina obviously used some type of mental transferrance spell or something. It certainly is no dream..." "Keri?" Orion said opening his eyes. When he opened them, he saw himself, brown hair on his paws, and Pipian wielding Samuraichu's halberd (Did I get that right?). "I don't know what happened," said Pipian, "but I still am the only owner of this halberd, irregardless of who I look like." Orion suddenly wished this was all a dream and fainted. He woke again to a male voice talking in his ear. "ORION! Wake up! This is no dream! Yes, you and I, Keri, have switched bodies and Pipian and Samuraichu have switched bodies! AND THE ONLY FIX FOR THIS IS TO BATTLE SABRINA AGAIN!" "Gaaaaaaah!" The old body of Keri ran around screaming. "I'm a freaking EEVEE! And a FEMALE ONE!" TBC? (You knew this was coming... Heh. So what if it's getting cliche? Anyway, all I need is for them to beat Sabrina and recieve their prizes, namely two eggs (One for Pipian and one for Orion)... (BTW, egg is short for very handy plot device. Oh, it'll only take until late October or so until they hatch (Hmm... Just in time for G/S...) ;-)) -- Pipian