From: Maria Rocket (mobius101@aol.compactpika) Subject: Re: [PW!] Stuffing The Roster Newsgroups: Date: 2000/05/03 >And then they were through. The dittos were gone, just like that, >although there seemed to be a swarm of bikini-clad babes heading out of >the dark space behind Seth and Aerie. James held the kids, his top >feathers arranged into a kind of crown. Slasher had been given a >lightning-quick combing, and was currently pawing at a pink ribbon >someone had tied on as a collar. Aerie's senses were still reporting >the pit-crew-like instant makeover she had received; her uniform was >compressed into a bikini with almost monomer-thin straps that somehow >did not draw blood. And Seth... > >Aerie blinked. "You know, if I didn't know about Mimic, I'd swear your >father's talent was genetic." > >Seth almost looked like a parody of the dreams of everyone who ever >lusted after women, with dimensions barely within the realm of >believable. (s)He was struggling to stay upright, given the significant >redistribution of mass to chest area; the restrictively tight bikini and >stilleto heels foisted on by the changing room dittos did not help in >the least. "AERIIIIEEEE!!!" Seth wailed. He nearly fell over, only to be caught by.... "Dad?" Mimic set Seth upright. "Seth...have new look?" This prompted severe sweatdropping in his son. Aerie giggled despite herself. "Hi Mimic! Are you going to that contest with the rest of the party?" "Mimic suppose so, get away from boat, Rocket thugs, Global Police, evil Mew, troubled resurrected brother, and psycho junior Rocket. Find juice bar maybe." He set his misty green eyes on the baby girl and boy James held. "Mimic take Psyduck and twins to Maria now." He gave James a doubletake. "James become Psyduck King?" "Psy." "Aw Dad, you don't want to hang out a little?" Seth's eyes were pleading, hoping for an escape from whatever evil scheme Aerie had in mind for him... Mimic gave his son a quirky grin. "Seth and Aerie have fun. See later." With that, he zipped away, taking James the Psyduck and the twins with him. Seth wilted a bit. He frowned at his unrealistically large breasts and poked at one. "Y'know, there must be a way to make these lighter..." Slasher, who had finally managed to rip the pink ribbon from around his neck, and was busy polishing the hoop earing attached to his somewhat tattered left ear. "Siiii--" He halted in mid-reply, and suddenly leaped up into the air--- "Hey, no flying!" Aerie snapped. With a whip of his tail, Slasher dropped onto the sand away from the the Ditto party and sped off. "Hey!" Seth yelled after him. "Where are you going?" Then... >Although the press of protoplasm was no longer as severe, the general >flow of traffic was towards a podium on the beach. Seth only managed to >avoid falling over by going with the flow, prompting the others to >follow. The crowds directly in front of the podium fled in all directions, screaming and desperate to get out of the path of destruction. Then the entire party crashed onto the podium. "Diiiitttt!" Roared the mass, forming into a huge life-size imitation of Pokezilla before *popping* out and disappearing into the crowd of people and Pokemon. Then the Ditto congaline formed once more, changing into a myriad of colors as it went, taking their unique music throughout the beach. Over loudspeakers, an Officer Jenny issued a wild dancing Ditto colony warning. Meanwhile, on the podium, Seth and Aerie were laid out before angry contest officials. Quickly taking note of the situation, Aerie jumped to her feet with a big grin. "Hello! I'm Aerie! And this..." She pulled a dazed Seth to his still female feet. " my little sister Setha!" 'Setha' blinked. "Huh?" "We've come to enter your little swimwear contest here!" Aerie continued cheerfully. She hugged her 'sister' and gave the judges a 'peace' gesture with her fingers. Seth sweatdropped when he noticed the male judges staring at him with their jaws hanging open. "Oh Goddish...." *** Meanwhile, not too far away, a phone booth slammed open, smacking a surprised passerbyer flat to the ground unconscious. Everything in the area appeared to darken somehow, and an omnious spotlight centered onto the phonebooth. "SsIIIIANNN!!!!" Suddenly, there was a flash of teeth, fur, leather, and gold, as a Persian leapt out of the phone booth and posed heroically for all to see. Everyone around was staring bug-eyed at the sight. It was a Persian with a hoop earring, who had somehow fitted himself with a black leather jacket with a gold 'S' symbol on the back. On his face was a pair of black sunglasses (which he had conviently snatched from his partner), and on his two front paws were fitted red gloves, and on his back paws, black gloves secured with yellow bands. He yowled, released a great blast of thunder, accented by mysterious dramatic music. "Siiian!" Slasher ran off, so fast, that he believed himself to be flying. The podium wasn't too far away now. Superboy-- Err, SuperPersian was ready for action! TBC? I couldn't resist...^^;; ~Maria R "Psy yie yie..."