From: Tech Weaver and The Tech-tones ( Subject: Re: [PW!] Sunshine in the SS.Anne... Newsgroups: Date: 2000/03/26 In article <8bjc7h$cp5$>, wrote: > "Okay okay, I will look for her," Hotaru said softly."Rapidash return!" > > Turning around Hotaru got lost in the crowd of people. "Oh flip," Chance the Meowth flipped a coin. Chet didn't know what to make of this last scene. He didn't know if he was even IN this scene. A moment ago, Hotaru decided that she didn't need any coffee after and said something about having a lot to talk about. Now she was asking her Rapidash for advice for some reason. He was feeling a bit lost and confused about this situation. He pulled out a tin of Altoids from his pocket and popped one of the curiously strong mints into his mouth. Maybe something will happen to clear up this confusion. To be continued... -- Chet "Tech" Weaver. I'm not just for breakfast anymore! "You may say this is not a dream; This is a nightmare. But it's my nightmare, and I decide when I wake up." -- Mick Foley, No Way Out (WWF PPV) Adam "Smasher" Samson's WG and Chet Weaver's WG can be found at: --End Transmission--