From: Nick -Previously ncnc123- ( Subject: Re: [PW!] Taken out on the word GO! Newsgroups: Date: 2000/06/21 >Minax stops punching Splash on various sensitive parts of his body when she >hears >the dude on the loudspeaker. She drops Splash's aching body on the ground, >and >pulls her Pidgey's Pokeball away from him, as well as the Greatball he stole, >"Hear that? I have to be at the podium immediately and I haven't even >registered >yet. Thanks for nothing, Splash." She kicks him in the side, then says, "Oh, >and >while you were gone, I located Murasaki. She's somewhere on this beach." > >"Mura... saki..." Hearing the name of his one true love spoken out loud gives >Splash the strength to stand up and limp away towards the contest, hoping to >find >her, believing that if she entered the contest, she would definitely win and >be >easy to find. > "She's on the beach," Splash repeated aloud as he crawled away from Minax. "I'm so close. So close to her." Soon, they would be together again. They would be together to love each other. Forever. Splash got to his feet painfully as he reached the beach. Murasaki was there. He would finally see her again. But... But... He hadn't done anything to impress her. The other guy... her partner on Team Rocket... he was trying to steal her away from him. Splash would have to do something really great in order to proveto her that they really belonged together. Of course, Murasaki already knew that, but if that guy... her partner... that bastered Kiniro... If he stole her away from him while they were apart... Splash would never be able to forgive himself. But, he knew how to impress her. She was a member of Team Rocket. So, if he stole a lot of Pokemon, and rose through the ranks of Team Rocket, by stealing a lot of Pokemon today, than she would kick that partner aside, and follow him. Him. Only him. However, before that happened, he had to steal some Pokemon. It would be a bit before Murasaki was due onstage in the swimsuit contest, and so he had plenty of time. Plenty of time to steal a Pokemon.