From: Shard Fields or Megasomething (goola2u@aol.compostheap) Subject: [PW!] The Doppler Effect Newsgroups: Date: 2000-09-05 16:47:20 PST OOC: The time has come. I'm leaving Pokewars. It's been obvious since I've written nothing for at least a month, and I just want to make it official. It's gotten old, and there's so much involved that I realy don't care about. I guess this is goodbye... As I haved shared my light and laughter with you through Silly Putty, now let me share with you my darkness and pain in this time of endings. *** Doppler and Dreadite mixed in his mind. Their shared expeiriences, their shared pains. Theirs. His too. The unobtainable. A different face, a different name, but the same scent of forbidden fruit perfumed Minax, Aeren, Xerox and Famifax, though Minax seemed to wear it more heavily than others. Probably because it was what Doppler loved most about her. Silly Putty, for his part, used to hate that smell of forbidden fruit surrounding Famifax, and later Xerox, but here, now, basking in the glow of memories, both those that belonged to him and those he recieved second-hand, he had never smelled anything so sweet. The next card in the arcana of pain, The Outcast. The winged immortal, the genetic juggurnaut, or the green-hued mutant... All so very different from what was "normal." And yet, each found their brother, but what ensued made the situation even even more painful. Doppler and his brother knew nothing for each other but hate. Dreadite's brother was the infintely twisted creature known as Darkness... Funny, looking from this vantage point, Silly could not see Dreadite as the sinister being most percieved him as. And Silly Putty found a brother in Doppler. Silly paused to remark on this. Doppler, the nemesis. Doppler, the meglomaniac. Doppler, the deluded. Doppler, his brother, his leader, his teacher. They both shared a common flame. They combined their flames once, twice in fact. Replicus stemmed from this. Replicus, a massive shapeshifter rivalling the mighty cyber-beast Protopticon in power. But on to other common threads, onto their one consuming goal. Each seemed to pursue a simple principle. Dreadite's power, Doppler's peace, and his own love. Funny, though... Even with some of the man's own mind, Silly could barely understand Dreadite. He was as much an enigma now as... The man's own mind... Dreadite was not a demigod. Even he was mortal, or at least vulnerable. And the mighty Doppler... Long since dead. And yet Silly had nothing to show for anything. None of his goals were acheived. His "friends" deserted him almost as soon as they met him, those he loved did not care for him at all, and the one being who did give a flying Muk was previously his nemesis and now dead. Perhaps it was time he joined his brother Doppler. *** Silly Putty stood on the ocean shore. slowly, he opened his mouth and crept in. He could feel the salt water seeping into him, melting him. It burned like acid... But what he felt was not pain. The water in the ocean had a very faint green glow that afternoon. And one man in a helicopter thought for a split second that the ocean had a face, smiling at him, content... But he quickly dismissed it. And thus it ends.