From: Angelus ( Subject: [PW!]The end of them all? Newsgroups: Date: 2000-11-04 11:58:48 PST Im gonna go back in time and use this story to finish all my characters except one. Last i left angel i think he was still flying around looking for battles. Angel is my Character who has the multiple personality, and is insanly powerful when in his combined state. ID is he's Evil state, And ANgel is the normal person. Xander, never reall got going and well Suik, got going but well... Anyway... Suik jumper to his feet, as Takyaki, began to growl feriously at the window. "Taky, Shut UP!" groan Suik throwing the pillow his head had been on. Suik sat up. Takyaki contiued to bark. "Suik, Shut your dog up, or do you want me to get blueberry to sing it to sleep?" asked Proycon. "No... he's just needs a.. you know... Im gonna take him for a walk" Suik dragged himself out of his covers and flung his shoes on. "C'mon Taky..." Suik left the room and headed for the pokecenter exit. Leaning on the counter was a young man talking to nurse joy. "look babe... just let me stay tonight..." Said the man leaning forward. "Im sorry, theres no rooms left..." Nurse Joy blushed. "C'mon there must be..." The man lent further forwards. "Ok... im in room 12, come after 12..." Nurse joy handed over a room card and disapeared into the back... "Do i ever miss? nope... HEY! what you looking at?" The man turned to Suik. "Your stay with nurse joy tonight??" asked Suik "Yup..." The man walked towards Suik. "Heavy..." Suik held out his hand. The Man grabbed it and shook. "Hey, my names Xander, Where you going this time of night?" asked Xander. Suik looked down at Takyaki. "To walk him..." "well its 11:36, i got some time to spare mind if i come with you?" The two of them left the Poke centre. "ID it is still wrong!" "Angel, your weak still." "No, Im strong enough to hold you from taking control aren't i?" "Sure at the moment, but you know when ever you falter, i'll snatch control dont you..." "I will be focused, I will stay incontrol of you!" "Well shall see..." "What do you mean?" "Expect a visit from a friend." "Who? tell me..." "....." "ID tell me!!!" "....." Angel took of into the skies, In a rage he pushed his body at an ever increasing speed through the clouds. Angel's eyes brightly emitted an angry blue light. "ID, im going to finish this right now.!" Angel dived out of the clouds. As he soared out of the cloud the town of Fushia came into view. "My hometown, The Site of both our Births. The site of your death!" Angel landed fiercly and strided towards an abandoned house. As he reached the boarded up doors, spread out his hands and clunched his fists, everyplank of wood on the house shattered. Angel stepped into his house, he looked around, the blood of his family hadn't been cleaned. Angel walked to his old room. He sat on his bed. As he stared out into the dining room, scene began to play before him. A baby was carried into the room by a woman followed by a man. "This is your home, Angel" said the woman to the baby. Angel watched the scene closely "Am i imagion this?" THe mother looks on at the baby adoringly." You gonna grow up in to a strong young man, i can tell. Then you going to go crazy and kill us all!" The baby disapeared and the mother turn to face Angel "Your going to kill us all!" "What? I didnt kill you..." "Didnt you?, Watch!" Another scene began to play. "Get to your room you little freak!" Angel's dad smashed him round the head. "Get in there, and dont come out till your normal!" "But Dad... I am normal!" Cried the child Angel. "Get in THERE!!!" The father shoved the child into the room. THe child Angel sat on his bed and began to cry. "Angel, i can help you!" The child looked suprised, he looked around. "Dont look around, you know who i am, and you know where i am, I am your Anger, i am your frustration. And i can make them pay... you know i can, you know i can help you, but you all ways ignore me, or tell me im wrong... Let me help you...!" "No... You always want to hurt people and thats bad..." Cried the Child realising it was himself that the voice came. "But they are hurting you... thats bad... I dont care, im going to help you!" "No stop..." The Child Angel fell limp on the bed. With amazing speed he shot up and away from the bed. His eyes had a menacing red glow. He step from the room, into the room filled with all his family, that had gathered for his birthday. "You all think im Evil... So, im gonna prove you right." The room turned a shade of red and people in it began to shake, one by one, each of their body parts began to explode. As the poessed Angel stared at them. The real Angel got up. "Liar, that never happened." "But you know it did..." "Who are you?!!!" "Im ID's Friend!" "What... Show your self!" A purple Haunter faded into view "You know who i am yet? Im sure your friends Taron and Proycon do..." "Who? Taron? Proycon? The two that were with that othe guy, that i attacked?" "Yes them!" "Why are you talking to me?" "because, my friend, you other half made me a deal..." "whats that?" "He wants control! and im here to upset you!" "What! That will never happen, he is to evil to be allowed to survive, i came here to kill him!" "and yourself?" If i have to... but i got other plans." Angel held both his hands out infront of him. the faded so they were bearly visible. He plunged both hands into his stomach a nd ripped a laged shape from himself. "There you go ID, there, you got what you want but dont expect to live long!" Angel thrust both hands into the air and began to channel an enormous amount of energy. The shape began to take form, and there stood an exact repliccation of Angel. "Hey, my own body... What? ANgel stop that... You take the planet apart!..." "No... its gonna take you apart!" THe ball inbetween Angels hands began to push at the sides of the house... "ID, its over for you!" Xander and Suik walked through the middle of Fushia city. discussing who lucky Xander was to have a pre booked banging session with joy later. "Whats that?!?!" sreamed Suik pointing to the house. "i have no idead, but im not going near it..." replied Xander "C'mon taky, lets go look!" said Suik to taky as he took of towards the house. "Wait, its dark here!, im coming!" Xander took off after Suik. Angel prepared to launch the energy ball at ID. "Nova back me up!" Bellowed ID. "not a chance, you seen that blast, im off!" Nova Disapeared. "Coward!" Screamed ID "Maybe.. but at least im not gonna die..." Nova dashed out of the door. As he left Suik appeared, with Xander following. "Suik, im just off to see your friends, i hope you said good bye.. doubt you'll see either of them again, hehe!" Nova completely vanished. "What!?!? Nova... If you hurt them!" screamed Suik. "Yo, Suik, save it for these guys" said Xander pointing inside the house where Angel stood about to destroy ID. "Angel stop, Im you... you cant destroy me...!" "ID your nothing like me...I can destroy you, Watch!" ID looked over to the door. Xander stepped back. "Back off, Angel, or they die" ID pointed to Suik and Xander. "Get away, Im not gonna help you, im going to finish this now!" ID pointed one hand at the duo "Well, if im gonna go, im taking you two with me, ID discharged a blast at the pair. "ID no more death!" Angel lept infront of the pair and deflected the blast slightly so that it collided wih xanders face. The head vaporised. "oh my god..." Angel looked down as his own body began to disappear, and Xander's completely vanished. "Xanders dead,and im hurt, Suik you ok? Remeber me telling you about that secret power within? well i was lying, i need you to let me in... " "inside me... no way..." replied Xander looking down at the spot where xander was. "sorry kid, you dont have a choice" ANgel lept into Suiks body. Suik stood and looked to the huge ball of collected energy willing it towards both himself and ID. " stop u'll kill us both... " "SO BE IT!!" TAkyaki walked away fromthe site where 5 minues ago, a huge house has stood.