From: Josh ( Subject: [PW!]{REPOST}The Failed Mission Newsgroups: Date: 2000/05/13 -The Failed Mission-Episode 01 "It should be just up ahead," Blade hears, through the small microphone in his ear, as he runs up a path in Viridian Forest, "Just another one hundred yards or so." Blade stops dead in his tracks upon hearing the voice say that. He moves his hand to his waist and grabs something off of his belt.a Pokeball. "Charmander, I choose you!" Blade says as he throws the Pokeball in front of him. Blade's Charmander is released from the Pokeball, it's tail a fiery red. He turns to his master, waiting for a command to be given. "Charmander, scout the area," Blade says as he points in the direction of their destination, "Make sure your careful." Charmander runs up the path and slowly fades out of sight. Blade then starts up the path, a lot slower than before. "Hurry up Blade, your only sixty-three yards away," the mysterious voice in the microphone asks, "We don't have long to complete this mission." Blade starts up the path again, but once again stops. "Wait a minute," Blade says as he looks to the ground, "You still haven' t told me exactly what I'm doing." "Ok, I'll tell you everything that I know about this mission," says the voice in the microscope, "Three hours ago, we were called by the Pewter and Viridian City Police Departments. Pokemon Trainers from both areas have reported missing Pokemon. No clues or hints as to who the thief was were left. Fortunately, we have better sources and technology than your normal Police Department. We discovered that there was a shack owned by an Ex-Pokemon thief in Viridian Forest. His name is Charles Raziere. I'm sending you a picture of him through our video link. He's a very dangerous man, so you must make sure your careful. He's able to take out four men with his uncanny karate techniques. I know you enjoy that kind of challenge, but you must be careful. We called you because you were our closest agent. Viridian Forest is very big. If you let him get away, we may not be able to catch him. Failure is not an option. Do you understand, Blade?" Blade stands in silence as he thinks about all that was said. Quietly, he says to himself, "Failure is not an option. I will not fail." "Alright," he says as he runs towards the shack, "I'm only thirty yards aw." Blade stops when he sees his Charmander battling a Pikachu. ".Charmander." Blade softly says. "Charmander, use your Ember attack," A little fireball is released from Charmander's mouth, hitting the Pikachu and knocking him over. "Pokeball, go!" Blade says as he throws the Pokeball at the weakened Pikachu. Pikachu is thrust into the Pokeball upon contact, and Blade is happy to have a new Pokemon. "Good job Charmander," Blade says as he takes two potions out of his bag. He gives one to Charmander, then after releasing Pikachu from his Pokeball, gives him one. "Ok, were only twenty-five yards away," Blade says loud enough for the man in the microphone to hear, "But I can see the shack from here. It looks like somebody has been here recently." "That's good." the man in the microphone says, ".Be prepared for anything." A smile spread across Blade's face as pulled his swords out from his sheaths. "Charmander.Pikachu.follow my lead," he says as he stares at the shack. ".Let's go!" Blade says as he charges towards the shack. Blade sees everything in his way as just an opstical when he's on his missions. Blade sees the front door as a boring way to get into the house, so he decides to go through the wall. With his two swords, he easily cuts through the wall. It has always amazed his fellow T.P.P.L members how his swords can cut through things like that. Upon entering the house, they all stop. Blade gasps as he sees who is inside. ".Carmen?" Blade says as looks at a very attractive woman with brown hair, blue eyes, and dressed in a very sexy Team Rocket uniform. He looks down towards the ground and sees a dead man. He clicks on the video link, and sees that the dead man on the floor is the same man that he was sent to arrest. "What are you doing here? What have you done?" Blade asks. "Isn't it obvious old friend," she says, "I'm here to steal the Pokemon. He tried to stop me so I killed him." "I'm sorry that I can't stick around and play with you though, I have Pokemon to deliver," she says as she runs towards the back door, but is tripped by something. She hits the ground hard and realizes that she has something tied around her leg. "You haven't changed a bit, have you Blade?" she says as she lay there. "Pokeball, go," she says as she releases her Bellsprout from its Pokeball. "Bellsprout, use your Sleep Powder Attack," she says, pointing to Blade and his Pokemon. Blade and his Pokemon started to fall asleep as they were hit with the Sleep Powder. "Bellsprout, grab the bag of Pokeballs and let's get out of here," Carmen said as she pointed to the bag. ".Bag.of.pokeballs." Blade whispers as he remembers what Chief had said. 'Failure is not an option' repeatedly runs through his mind. "I have to stay awake long enough to save those Pokemon," he says, "Failure is not an option." He starts to get up, but suddenly feels a sharp pain in his back. He realizes that Carmen has just struck his sword right through his back. The sword went through his back and out his stomach. "Failure is your only option when battling me," she says as she shoves the sword deeper into his back. He gives one long scream as he is overwhelmed by the pain, and lays in silence. As he hits the floor, she bends over next to him and says into his ear, "Hello Chief! You better send someone to get Blade.He's had a little accident." She gets up from the floor and sees Blade staring at her, with his own sword stabbed through his back, and right before he loses consciousness, he sees the woman he once loved walk out the door with the Pokemon that he was sent to retrieve. The Chief tries yelling to him, but for the next few minutes, all he does is sit in silence as he waits for Blade to awaken. Unfortunately for Chief, he hears the ground start to break, and realizes that Blade and his Pokemon have just fallen into unknown territory.