From: PikaMew ( Subject: [PW!] The Fallen Star returns. Explosive encounter! Newsgroups: Date: 2000-09-29 15:30:09 PST (OOC: ^_-) The explosion rocked the cockpit, as the enemy fighter near the right wing was shot into pieces, sising to exist. The insterment panel, blinking a warning of a concussion missile lock on, made a noise, and a bluish flare fired from the rear of the I'Bos fighter. The masked pilot looked to his aft just in time to see the flare hit it's mark. The HUD made a beep, which confused him. A red blinker, flickering in the emptiness of the war. He looked hard at the light; his engine had been hit by the shrapnel. Leaving a trail of smoke, and zig zagging through enemy fire, the Tie'nekian pilot managed to dock in the hanger of one of the only two D'ahmarian Super Destroyers in the battle, the Muerte. Upon landing, he jumped out of his craft, and made his way into the main bridge of the ship two floors up. Screaming by, nearly flying, the pilot made his way to the command station. He flipped on the intercom. "Captain, this is Fleet Command. Right before I landed, one of the enemy capital ships was just about to enter hyperspace, although it has taken heavy damage. I'd like to take command of this ship while my fighter is being repaired." "Copy sir, command acknowledged. You have full authority. This ship is at your Discretion." The pilot switched off the comm., and made his way into back into the hanger. The repairing was well underway; his ship top priority. He walked to his cockpit, being saluted all the way. With the pitdoor already opened, he grabbed his Fleet Commander uniform thinking he should dress for the occasion. While the commander dressed, a radar operator walked up next to him, "Sir. You're needed at the bridge." The commander nodded, and made his way. -------- The battle was fierce, as are all battles. With the destruction of their worlds, the Minions had declared war on D'ahmar and the Storm. Their attack came swift and harsh. Not even Ros'co thought they would act so quickly. The Minion's ships, although small, are fast enough to outrun most ships larger than themselves. They struck just hours after their worlds were destroyed; the whole fleet attacking at once. They have nothing left to lose. Nothing seems important anymore. The don't care if they win or die, they just want revenge. The damaged ship Car'tos was talking about, the Dai'modor, one of their larger ones, was making it's escape in the mists of all the chaos. With two engines gone, and one failing, it had to make an attempt at jumping, and with a port-planet nearby that was controlled by their race, it was it's only hope of egress. ------- All dressed and neatly attired, Car'tos entered the bridge. His white suit, woren only once before; a semi cape on his hips all the way down to his ankels, with the same hip blades that his infintry uniform had. His chest plate, now white with two lightning shaped gravings along the side for rank. At his arms, two armlet-like joints on hte wrist. He indeed looked more appeling than in his ragged soldier uniform. He walked up to a panel on his left, the radar. Hundreds of dots on screen. But one caught his attention; the Dai'modor. They were in range of laser fire, but Car'tos had something more sinister in mind. "Sir, orders?" Asked one of the Weapons Officers, expecting to fire all weapons on the disabled ship. "Ready the Gun. And don't fire until my signal." "...Uh, yes sir." He quickly turned around, and pressed a few buttons. "On low power, it'll take two minutes to char..." "That's all we need." Car'tos interrupted, "Issue an order to fire at all non-critical components on target craft. Let us make them suffer." "Ye, yes sir. Attention all batteries," the weapons officer began to relay the order, "Target all; fire on these coornets." Various green lights appeared on his board, indicating confirmation. Car'tos walked up to the front window, ready to behold the fireworks that was about to take place before him. As he was about to sit down, the haze of red laser shots clouded the target ship dead on, masking all traces of any previous damage taken on it's hull, and multiplying it ten times. Minutes later, the lights on Car'tos' ship began powering down, leaving only ship-critical power on. Car'tos stood up. "On my mark." All was silent in both ships. The Minions, fearing more than their lives were worth, knew what was going to happen as the attack had stopped, that only meant one thing; the Tie'nekians were about to fire the Galaxy Gun. Panic broke out in the Minion ship. Issues were being barked out faster than they were taken. Finally, the engines lit up a pale blue, and the ship began to stretch into forever. The Minions, thinking all was over as their ship started to jump into hyperspace, didn't realize that only light travels at the speed of light. Not matter. "Fire." From Car'tos' view, it looked like the enemy ship was now four times as long as it's previous state. This was exactly was he was waiting for. The blinding white light sped across the cosmos, right through the Minion ship's aft hull, right on the engine. The plan was not to destroy the ship, that would be a quick death. No, the plan was to allow them to jump with an exploding stren. Forever being stuck in hyperspace, where time does not exist. But since they were heading toward a planet, they would collide with it, like a fly heading right at an incoming bullet train. The ship, only half of it in hyperspace, in a ball of fire light years long, was at two points in space at once, until the front portion of the ship finally reached the planet's surface. Both the planet and the now two light year long ship were instantly destroyed. Car'tos took a deep breath, "Time to go." He bowed to the captain, who in turn saluted him. As Car'tos walked down the darken hallways toward the docking bay, he heard a yell. He looked around, but it wasn't on the ship. "What...?" Again, the yelling. "Wa... Who?" Once more. "Karu! The clone is in danger!" Making haste for his ship, he realied he couldn't just abandon his fleet agian. "Hmm, oh, Aeris could fill in... she might color the ships blue, matter." In his I'Bos, Car'tos started up his engines, and flew towards his planet to inform his mate of his departure. After a lenthly conversation on why ships would look horriable in blue, Aeris took the job as Fleet Commandress. "She's going to do something to those ships, I just know it." Were the last words Car'tos said before he made the jump to hyperspace en route to Earth. TBC? Ahhh, guess who's back in action ^_-