From: Jose L. Solano (jsolano199@aol.comlink) Subject: [PW!] The Island in the Heavens Newsgroups: Date: 2000/08/06 Pokewars: Trent Retwin "The Island in the Heavens" Jose L. Solano Daedelus landed on the mysterious floating island, his master standing to observe his surroundings before recalling the aged Fearow. "Not much here..." Trent thought to himself as he looked around. "A few trees so far, nothing important. There has to be something around here, maybe a generator or something." Trent reached into his trenchcoat and pulled out a special black Pokéball with the Retwin family emblem on it. He pressed the trigger and awaited the complete materialization of the Pokémon within. "Saaa... slash?" "You need to get out more often, Ashura." "Slaaaaaash!" "Don't blame me, blame... ok, so blame me. I need a second pair of eyes to search the area. Let me know if you find anything suspicious." Ashura wandered off into woods, his eyes still adjusting to the light. While Ashura searched that area, Trent decided to walk in the opposite direction. After getting past a few trees, he made it to a large clearing. A large compound lay in the distance "Well, what have we here?" Trent began to walk towards the compound. No use wasting energy on running, something that big sure wasn't going anywhere. "Oh, FUCK!" Suddenly, Trent found himself on the ground. He quickly got up and found that a tripwire had been raised in his path, leading from a tree near the woods to a black-haired teenager, about fifteen or sixteen, hiding behind another tree. "Oh, you are SO dead, kid!" "Hey, don't come near me, I'm a blackbelt!" "Oh, really?" "No, I was just stalling. Bye!" the kid yelled as he ran into the woods. Trent pulled out the sword he had used to kill Akumachu and continued in pursuit. The kid ran back to the same small clearing Trent had landed on, and by now Ashura had returned. The boy was cornered. "Any last words kid?" "Yes, I'd like to say farsnoogle." "Farsnoogle? What the fuck does that mean?!" Quickly, the kid kicked the sword out of Trent's hand, sending it flying into a tree. "What'd you do that for?!" "Don't mess with ATR!" the kid yelled, pulling out a small pistol. He aimed it at Trent, then quickly turned to Ashura, then back to Trent. "You're under arrest in the name of ATR!" "Wait, you're one of Simon's bitches, aren't you?" "Hey Gohan! Where'd you go you little freak?!" said a voice from the woods. "I'm over here! I found a Rocket and a Sandslash!" Gohan yelled, still pointing the pistol at Trent. "Hey wait a second, I'm no Rocket!" "That's what they all say! Dai, go get the other bums!" Gohan yelled, apparently to the same voice that had called him a few moments earlier. "So you're Gohan, eh?" Trent asked. "Yeah, but some call me Yoda, some call me bum, and some call me Bob." "I see, Bob..." "Look, you're not the guy at the candy shop, so don't call me Bob!!" In his distraction, Gohan didn't noticed Ashura sneak up behind him. "Slaaaash!" "Huh?!" Gohan quickly turned around to see Ashura behind him. Trent quickly kicked the pistol into the air and caught it with his right hand. "The tables have turned, haven't they, Gohan? Ashura, go find 'Dai' and take him out before he can alert whoever else is on this godamn island." "Sand sand." Ashura took off into the woods. "So what are you waiting for? Shoot me," Gohan said. "I would, but then you'd have a boring death." Trent kicked Gohan so hard that he flew off the very edge of the island, screaming at the top of his lungs. Trent watched as he plummeted into the clouds and hit something, making an audible thud. The screaming stopped, but he could still mildly hear the rush of air as his body continued to fall. Trent put the gun in one of the empty holsters in his trenchcoat, pulled the sword out of the tree and disappeared into the woods.