From: Karnivax ( Subject: [PW!] The Maleficent Seven, Part 2 Newsgroups: Date: 2000-09-10 07:50:23 PST (OOC: Ideally, this will be a three-parter...) "Fenris! I choose you!" Kyle shouted over the sounds of Weird Al Yankovic's "Dare to be Stupid." Kyle stood atop the flattest piece of debris he could see and tossed out his third Pokéball. Out came a wolfish Arcanine. "Exeggutor," grunted Yggdrasil. He stood fast before the fire Pokémon and glared defiantly. "Arc! Arc! Arrrc!!!" Fenris snarled. Yggdrasil's scared- looking head took the dominant position. The psychic coconut tree turned tail and ran. It pressed itself up against Enzo's trainer pillar and stood shivering with fear. "Sleep Powder," Vincenzo ordered. But Yggdrasil was scared out of its three sets of wits. "Flamethrower!" Kyle shouted. "Arc?" Fenris looked back at his trainer quizzically. Kyle ran one hand through his hair. "Do the thing where you shoot fire." "Arcanine!" Fenris knelt down slightly and pointed his now wide- open mouth at the paralyzed Exeggutor. Fiery energy started to collect between Fenris's jaws. "Sleep Powder, damn ya!" Enzo bellowed. Yggdrasil did not budge. At last Fenris belched up a mighty ball of fire. The fireball grew and changed shape as it flew, forming what looked like a giant flaming stick-figure. Enzo saw what was coming. As he leapt off of the trainer pillar, he shouted at the brainwashed Jessica to do the same. The massive fire explosion from Fenris's attack all but incinerated Enzo's trainer pillar. "Are ya all right?" Enzo said as he rushed over and hugged his brainwashed fiancée. Jessica was singed, but she gave a slow nod. Kyle could hardly watch this scene. "I'm going to be sick..." He turned away until he heard Yggdrasil's panicked shouts. As the fire started to subside, Kyle could see Yggdrasil in flames and running around frantically. "Exegg! Exeggutor!!!" The three- headed creature fell to the ground and rolled back and forth to smother the flames. As he watched Yggdrasil desperately flailing about, Kyle realized something. "That was a Fire Blast!" He quickly booted up his Pokédex. The list of Fenris's attacks had changed completely since the Arcanine had made his last combat appearance. "Dad has been busy..." The charred Yggdrasil finally stopped rolling. All of its heads burped up puffs of black smoke. Fenris rushed over to Yggdrasil and stomped one paw three times. Yggdrasil did not get up. "Just the way I like my Exeggutor," Kyle remarked. "Fried and over easy." Enzo grudgingly withdrew Yggdrasil as he stood in the place where his pillar had been mere seconds before. "All right, if ya wanna be corny," said he, "it's time to fight fire wit' fire! Go, Nightmare!" Enzo's next Pokéball released a jet-black Rapidash. The flaming equine reared and made a standard neigh. "Start off wit' Agility!" Enzo shouted. Nightmare pawed the floor like a Tauros that was about to charge. The flames running along the Rapidash's back started to burn more intensely. "Dig," Kyle said calmly. "Arc!" Fenris burrowed into the floor as easily as if it were sand. "Rrrgh!" Enzo growled. "Nightmare, use Agility again, then run!" Nightmare continued pawing. Its flames nearly doubled in height. Then the sleek horse took off and started sprinting about the arena randomly in hopes of dodging the second half of Fenris's Dig attack. WHAM! A portion of the floor burst upward and knocked the turbocharged Rapidash head over hooves. Fenris quickly climbed out of the floor and let out a triumphant howl. "How?!" Enzo bellowed. "You underestimate Dig's accuracy," Kyle responded. Nightmare slowly picked himself up and shook his head. "Doesn't matter," Enzo grunted. "Nightmare, Horn Drill!" The horn on the ebon Rapidash's forehead started to spin. Nightmare lowered his head and ran straight at Fenris. The swift Arcanine fell on his side to dodge the notoriously inaccurate Horn Drill. The Rapidash skidded to a stop. "Fenris, Hyper Beam!" Kyle commanded. Fenris quickly righted himself and bent down slightly. As the Rapidash turned and prepared a second Horn Drill, Fenris quickly burped up a rather small Hyper Beam. The blast hit its mark dead-on. Nightmare was knocked back a bit by the orange explosion, but he managed to stay on his hooves...briefly. He wavered, shook his head about, and fell. "Damn frail Rapidash!" Enzo snarled, clenching one fist. He withdrew Nightmare. "You want to know what's really sad?" Kyle taunted. "This is your *primary* team." He smirked. "I'm up four-three, by the way." Enzo muttered something unintelligibly before he tossed down his fourth Pokéball and shouted, "Hirudegarn! Attack!" A fierce Pinsir materialized on Enzo's side of the arena. The Pinsir's giant mandibles were discolored at the points where they had been Slashed apart by Espio nearly a year ago. "Come on, Enzo, give me a little credit!" Kyle scoffed. "Fenris, Fire Blast!" "Arrrcanine!" Fenris took a deep breath and exhaled another armature-shaped blaze. Hirudegarn, however, seemed less than impressed. "Pin." With the kind of tremendous jump that only an insect could pull off, Hirudegarn flew right over the wave of flame. Enzo, with Jessica still in his embrace, dived out of the way and watched the Fire Blast blow an impressive hole in the rear wall of the gym. Enzo looked down at Jessica. "They're real," he remarked. "An' they're fan-tastic!" _Somehow I feel like he just stole my bit..._ Kyle cryptically thought. "Hirudegarn, Body Slam!" Enzo shouted from his position atop Jessica. "Pin." Hirudegarn made another mighty jump, but this time he closed his claws and slammed them hard into Fenris's back on the way down. The Arcanine fell flat. Hirudegarn leapt back to his previous position. "Keep up the Fire Blasts," Kyle commanded. "Arrr..." Fenris tried to get up, but all he could do was shiver a bit. "He's paralyzed!" Enzo exclaimed as he and Jessica finally stood up again. "Hirudegarn, let's see some Swords Dancin'!" Hirudegarn started breakdancing as well as his limited range of leg motion would allow. Fenris just struggled to stand. By the time Fenris was on his feet again, Hirudegarn was in the middle of a second Swords Dance. "Come on..." Kyle pleaded. Fenris started to collect energy for his third Fire Blast as Hirudegarn finished dancing. "Hirudegarn, Submission!" Enzo commanded. "Pin." As Fenris ever so slowly gathered energy, Hirudegarn swooped up the large Arcanine in his mighty mandibles. He jumped into the air, leaned forward, and rammed Fenris into the ground. Then, with the paralyzed Arcanine still in his clutches, Hirudegarn jumped back and gave Fenris a German suplex. As Hirudegarn let go, Fenris desperately tried to stand up again. Unfortunately, about halfway through the process, he lost balance and fell. His will to fight depleted at this point, Fenris closed his eyes and pretended to be unconscious. Kyle beamed Fenris back into his Pokéball. _I'd better save that Alakazam for the end,_ Kyle decided. He threw out his fourth Pokéball. "Go, Clavicle!" Clavicle the Marowak appeared next and took a few practice swings with his femur weapon. "Maro...maro wak. Maro..." "Submission!" Enzo wasted no time in shouting. "Pinsssir!" Hirudegarn bounded toward the bone-helmed reptile and tried to catch him in his crushing claws. In a surprisingly quick motion, Clavicle dodged the attack, wedged his femur weapon in between the mandibles after they closed, and flung Hirudegarn over his shoulder. Hirudegarn crashed to the ground right near one of the arena boundaries. "What was that?" Kyle wondered. He booted up his Pokédex again and saw that one of Clavicle's attacks was Counter. The angry Pinsir got up and charged Clavicle with his mandibles lowered and closed. He hammered the Marowak with a bone-jarring Body Slam. Clavicle bounced across the arena from the blow and accidentally dropped his weapon. "Submission! And don't miss this time!" Enzo barked. "Counter it!" Kyle ordered. As Clavicle recovered his weapon and got up, Hirudegarn lumbered toward him with claws wide open. The courageous Clavicle rushed straight at Hirudegarn with femur held back. Instead of either side achieving the desired effect, however, Clavicle and Hirudegarn simply crashed into each other with tremendous force. Hirudegarn staggered and fell on his back as the smaller Clavicle went flying clear out of the arena. Clavicle was obviously disqualified, but closer inspection of Hirudegarn revealed that the two Pokémon had actually taken each other out of the match. "Two even," Kyle noted as he withdrew Clavicle. _Somethin' tells me I need to stack th' odds in my favor somehow,_ Enzo thought as he recalled Hirudegarn. He scratched his chin. _Wait, I got it!_ "Let's speed things along," Enzo suggested. "For our last two Pokémon, we'll have a doubles match! None of that 'one faint an' ya lose' crap, though. Ya wanna win, ya gotta beat *both* o' my Pokémon!" _That bastard!_ Kyle said to himself. _I was counting on Tassadar being able to whoop his last two Pokémon...but not both of them at once! I don't think Wildwing's going to offer much support..._ Enzo saw a look of despair starting to appear on Kyle's face. _Heh heh heh...he's screwed..._ --K * A * R * N * I * V * A * X-- Karnivax: Did you get to come up with the nicknames for the Pokémon that you trade for in-game? (Lola the Jynx, Crinkles the Tangela et al) Nob Donut: No Nob Donut: none of that stuff is my fault Karnivax: Whew. Nob Donut: yeah, I think so too. I'd be using names like Biff, Pongo, Goober, that sort of thing