From: Continue ( Subject: [PW!] The Not-so-Great Chase (was: [PW!] If it's Thursday, it must be Rosetta) Newsgroups: Date: 2000/06/12 Time Lady wrote: >"Excuse him," said Sarah Jane with a huge sweatdrop over her head. "I >think he's been working a little too hard." She and Runt collected their >young Pokemon, then moved off from the pokemon nutrition building. >"So.... what would you guys like to see next?" "I was wondering something?" Damian started slowly. Sarah Jane shifted her attention to him "About what?" Damian seemed more focused, as if his interest in what he were asking about was easily breaking him out of his confusion about the earlier subject. "Well, I know that Pokemon Tech focuses a lot on pokemon battling, and you said that there is some that goes on here with the training classes, but I was wondering how far the research goes. Is there testing on which moves work best for each pokemon?" Sarah Jane once again showed a strong familiarity with the workings of the University. "Yes, there is research similar to that here. In fact, it?s a large part of the research. They focus on more specifics than just what attack works best, though. There?s actually a building for that as well as several outdoor ranges. I think it would be alright if we headed over to the research building now." "Sounds good to?me?" A look of distraction quickly spread over Runt?s face. "Does anyone else hear that?" Both Sarah Jane and Damian listened intently for a minute and began to shake their heads when something registered. The trio turned to face one direction, from which faint squeals of "Free! Free!" could be heard rapidly approaching. Finally, a pair of Butterfree, one pink and one blue, flew over some trees and above the trainer?s heads. "Kreskin seems to be enjoying himself." Runt remarked with a smirk as he watched the two Butterfree circle overhead. "So is Ariel." Sarah Jane nodded as she looked up. "She?s yours? I didn?t kn---" Anything else Runt said was cut off Pteryx began to squawk loudly in her carrier. Before Sarah Jane could calm the baby Aerodactyl down, Pteryx leapt from her carrier and began frantically beating her wings, imitating the flapping of the Butterfrees? wings. The young Aerodactyl faltered under the strain and began to glide, but kept trying to fly like the pair of Butterfree. "Pteryx, wait!" The baby Aerodactyl seemed oblivious to Sarah Jane?s plea and continued to erratically pursue the bug pokemon, who themselves seemed to be oblivious to others. "Let me see if we can do this without having to chase everywhere." Damian said as he pulled a pokeball out and opened it. From the white flash appeared a Gengar, which quickly looked about it?s new surroundings. "Spook. " The Gengar quickly turned its attention to Damian at the mention of it?s name. Damian pointed when he saw he had the pokemon?s attention. "Catch that Aerodactyl, but make sure to be gentle." Spook blinked, then tilted, as if nodding. It seemed to acknowledge what it had been told to do with a "Gen", then quickly took off. In less than a second it passed both Runt and Sarah Jane, who had taken off after Pteryx. Damian started to run as he saw Spook stop, with its arms outstretched, directly in the path of Pteryx?s flight. The gaseous pokemon waited to enfold the baby Aerodactyl and she glided right into its arms. At the last second, Pteryx unexpectedly began to beat her wings frantically. She plowed right through the surprised Spook, leaving it a scattered cloud. Damian pulled out and popped open another pokeball as the ghost pokemon quickly pulled itself together. The pokemon that formed out of this one almost immediately took up position hovering above Damian?s right shoulder. "Y?know, Bulletproof, this seems familiar for some reason." the young trainer said as his Magnemite settled into place. He then shook his head to clear the thought away. "I think all of us are going to need a real strategy for this." Damian then concentrated on catching up to his friends. TBC?