From: otaku ( Subject: [PW!] The Quick and the Dead Newsgroups: Date: 2000-08-20 14:40:15 PST The Quick and the Dead As the sun set, Azrael double-checked his supplies. After a quick stop in a little known shop in Vermilion, he was ready to get Quickstrike back. Slowly, he lifted a sharp knife to the window of the game corner, and sliced a large hole in it. Tossing Inferno?s Pokeball inside, the Growlithe materialized, chewing on its fur lazily. ?Ok, Inferno. Go and get Quickstrike. She?s in there somewhere.? ?Growlithe.? Inferno shook his head and curled up on the floor. Sighing in exasperation, Azrael tossed the disobedient puppy a sausage flavored Poke-treat. Inferno pounced on it, gobbling the food up in seconds. Lifting his head up, he gave Azrael a quizzical look. ?You get another after you bring back Quickstrike. Alive. I?ll be at the front.? Shrugging as best he could, Inferno ran into a corridor, tracking down Quickstrike?s scent. ?Now for phase 2.? Walking to the front, where a guard lay blocking the door, he dropped a Pokeball on the guard?s head and hid behind a large bush. ?Huh? Wass?zat?? The guard opened the Pokeball, and inhaled a healthy dose of tranquilizer gas. ?Down I go?? He dropped face first into the dirt with a solid thud. Applying some minor force, Azrael pushed the door open and switched on a flashlight. He stifled a cough when the light shone on the sleeping figure of a Meowth. Silently, he attempted to creep by, but he lost control of his muscles without warning, and slammed a foot on the feline?s tail. ?MEOWWWWW!? The cat stood up on his hind legs, rubbing the sore tail. ?Who?re you? And what?re ya doin here?? Azrael blinked, having never met a talking Meowth, never mind one with a Brooklyn accent. The Meowth stared at him for a second, and then settled back down. ?Ah?ferget it. They don?t pay me enough for guard duty.? Shrugging, Azrael cracked his knuckles nervously. ?What?s taking Inferno so long?? ?Growlithe!? ?Nidoking! Nido Nido Nidoking!? ?Growlithe! Growl!? [Chibbi Quickstrike appears, dressed in a Fuku.] ?For the sake of our readers, we will now apply the official Silph Co. Poke-translator, so humans may understand the following scene. Thank you.? [And now, back to the story.] ?Bite me, ya lousy troll!? ?Go sniff a hydrant!? Inferno reared back, and let loose a burst of flames. The Nidoking shielded his face, and began to spin around, spraying toxic liquid around the room. In the far right corner, Quickstrike banged her scythes on the cage?s bars. As luck would have it, a bit of acid from Nidoking?s Toxic attack sprayed the bars, weakening them severely. Quickstrike broke free, slashing Nidoking in the back of his head. He groaned and toppled, clutching the gaping wound in pain. ?Let?s go Inferno. Tall, purple and ugly isn?t gonna stay down forever!? ?Aww, but I wanna fight!? Not wanting to waste time arguing, Quickstrike flew off. Giving the fallen Nidoking one last blow to the face, Inferno dashed away, only a few feet behind the Scyther. - - - - - Azrael sighed, cracking his knuckles rapidly. ?What?s taking so long?? Finally, Quickstrike came buzzing by, with Inferno in tow. ?Scyther! Scyther, Scy!? ?Slow down! A Nidoking?? Alright, let?s go.? Azrael opened the door and stepped outside, only to be greeted by Venus and her Charizard, not to mention about a half dozen rookie Rockets. ?Not so fast, Azrael. This time, there?s no escape.? ?Crud?? He gritted his teeth together in anger. ?Now, how shall we begin? Oh, I know?? She smirked evilly. ?Charizard, devour that bug. Slowly.? Charizard stepped forward, roaring. While the rookies restrained Azrael and Inferno, the fire dragon grabbed Quickstrike and slowly inched its massive jaws around the Scyther?s head. TBC -Animeotaku Sig. coming soon