From: ( Subject: [PW!] The Reply Newsgroups: Date: 2000/05/29 The Reply Written by Misha ( Finally, yes, I am starting to return to AGNP ) Last time Meeko was attacked by some people and Sinko saved her. And now a question hangs, will she come with him for several months, away from Clan Caterpie 2000, to become a Pokémon Master with Sinko? Meeko's thoughts went to all her friends she made in CC2K. All the adventures. All the...but, lately, everything was going bad. Lewis, Bridget, and Mike were gone. She and Sinko had been taken captive by Team Rocket. A Rocket even pretended to be her! She needed a break...should she? Should she stay with CC2K and continue being the leader? What would become of CC2K? Thoughts ran through her head a many at a time... " ( Meeko. You must think long and hard about this. This will have an affect either way. But I will stand by you, no matter the choice. )" Lifesaver buzzed. Meeko nodded her head to the bee. Meeko breathed in before her final decision. " Yes." Sinko was shocked. He thought Meeko would stay with CC2K, but he was still happy she said yes. As Meeko and Sinko went off to tell what was left of CC2K, a shadowed Kario spoke into a communications device. " Boss, Meeko and Sinko are leaving the group. Send a couple agents to track them down." When their goodbyes said, Ivysore stopped Meeko. " ( I would like to...stay. Somebody needs to help Insane take care of Sapsaur. )" tears formed in Meeko's eyes. Ivysore was one of her first Pokémon... " I...I understand, Ivysore." Ivysore waved to Meeko and Sinko as he backed away to the rest of the group. TBC