From: Ivyna J. Spyder ( Subject: [PW!] The RETURN of Proffesor Kasai! Newsgroups: Date: 2000-09-27 18:33:23 PST Last time, Prof. Kasai challenged Sabrina for a badge, and lost. She told him she could help him get the police off his back. But right as they left, he and his Pokemon were kidnapped by Clefairy in their spaceship for some odd reason. So now, we find them stumbling away from the wreckage of the ship. "Wow, we finally escaped!" Kasai gasped, sitting on a rock. "(Those Clefairy had some nerve!)" Munchie growled, chewing on a pink leg. "(You eating the pilot really didn't help.)" Chimera muttered, sitting on another rock. <Anyone have any idea where we are?> Frankenduck asked. They were silent for a moment as they looked around the deep, dark forest they were in. "Um. no?" Kasai admitted. <Figures.> <Hehaheha! Master, I know how we can get back!> laughed Cy-gor in his usual demented fashion. "And how's that?" <Hehe, doesn't Frankie, hahaha, know Teleport?> Prof. Kasai jumped up, nearly knocking over Munchie. "That's it! Frankie, you can Teleport us back to the Pokemon Center in Saffron!" <.> "..." "." "What?" "(Um, Kasai? Why didn't we do that when we were captured by the Clefairy?)" Chimera asked. They all sweatdropped. "That doesn't matter now!" Kasai said. He struck a dramatic pose "Okay Frankie, Teleport now!" <My name is not Frankie!> "I said Teleport now!" <Oh fine.> In a bright flash, the crazy scientist and Pokemon vanished. The appearance of the trainer and Pokemon in the lobby of the center startled the Nurse Joy there, and the few trainers in the room. It was rather late, by the way. "We have returned!" Kasai shouted. "Be quiet!" Nurse Joy said quietly. "People are trying to sleep!" "Oh, sorry." he whispered. He turned to his Pokemon. "Okay guys, we'll get some rest, then go see Sabrina tomorrow!" <What about the police?> Frankenduck asked. "Frankie, we've been gone months! I'm sure they've forgotten all about us!" <By Goddish, you actually have a point.> "(Kasai?)" Chimera asked. "(Can I try to battle Sabrina next time?)" "Um. well, I don't know. Are you up to it?" "(Of course!)" she meowed happily. "Okay then." Kasai said. "Tomorrow, to the Saffron Gym! .Again!" TBC.