From: Josh ( Subject: [PW!] The Return of Team Rocket Newsgroups: Date: 2000/05/24 -The Return of Team Rocket-Episode 04 Blade, with his Metapod in his arms, Stephon, Charmander, & Pikachu continued through Viridian Forest. They walked through the forest, but was once again met by a challenger. His name was Troy and he was a Bug Catcher. "We'll make it a 3 vs. 3," Troy said. Blade nodded his head as Troy through his first Pokeball. Blade saw that it was a Pinsir, so he sent out his Charmander. After a few quick Ember attacks, Pinsir was defeated by Charmander. Troy than sent out his Venomoth, but it was once again defeated by Charmander. This time Charmander barely won, and was very worn out. "Your Charmander is strong," Troy said, "but not strong enough for my best Pokemon." Tory through his Pokeball and out came a Butterfree. Butterfree defeated Charmander, so it was up to Pikachu. It was a close battle, but Butterfree won the battle. Blade only has one Pokemon left now, his Metapod. "Metapod, use your Harden attack," Blade said as his Metapod Hardened. "Butterfree, use your Poison Powder," Troy said as his Butterfree poisoned Metapod with his attack. Metapod, fell to the ground, but was not yet defeated. "Metapod, use your Tackle attack," Blade said as his Metapod flew through the air, hitting Butterfree out of the air. Butterfree and Metapod fell to the ground, Metapod was the only one able to get back up. "Great job Metapod," Blade said as he picked Metapod up. He noticed Metapod was twitching, and he remembered that Metapod was poisoned by Butterfree. He motioned to Stephon, and they ran down the path, trying to get to Pewter City. Blade felt the pain in his back and stomach, and collapsed, letting Metapod fall out of his arms. "Blade!" Stephon yelled as he stopped running and turned towards Blade, "Are you alright?" ".Yeah, I'm.fine," Blade slowly said. He stood up, picked Metapod up, and began to run down the path. They were running for ten minutes when Blade started to remember something. "Fifty-yards," Blade heard. "Forty-yards," Blade heard as he ran ten yards more. He began to hear the numbers decrease as he ran more through the path. This was all he heard, until he saw it.the shack. He stood there standing in front of the shack with his poisoned Metapod in his arms, his Charmander & Pikachu by his side, and Stephon right behind him. "Hey Blade, Are you alright?" Stephon asked. "Charmander.catch," Blade said as he tossed his Metapod into his Pokemon's arms. Blade unsheathed his swords and ran towards the shack. "Charmander, Pikachu, follow me. Stephon, stay and protect Metapod," Blade said as he jumped into the hole in the wall of the shack. Upon entering the shack, he saw twenty-three members of Team Rocket standing on the outside of the other end of the shack. Among the twenty-three was Carmen. "Welcome Blade," Carmen said with a grin across her face, "I don't know how you survived, but it all ends now. You failed last time you tried to get the stolen Pokemon back, but I've decided to give you another chance. The stolen Pokemon are in this bag that is behind me. Defeat all of us, and the Pokemon are yours to do what you please with them. Team Rocket, Attack!" All of the members of Team Rocket attacked, except for Carmen. She stayed back to make sure that Blade would not succeed. Each member of Team Rocket was armed with a sword, and all were swinging at Blade. Blade would usually be able to defend himself well against these numbers, but with all the running he was doing, he was in to much pain to do much. Luckily, Pikachu and Charmander were there to help him out. After thirteen of the members of Team Rocket were defeated, the other nine sent out there Pokemon to battle Pikachu and Charmander. After a few more minutes, thirty-one more members of Team Rocket came. This was all that Blade could take. Charmander & Pikachu were defeated, so now Blade had to protect them as well. Carmen saw the fatigue that Blade expressed, and threw a throwing-star at Blade's Charmander. Blade instinctively jumped in the way, and ended up with the sharp throwing-star in his left shoulder. Blade fell to the ground and grabbed his arm in pain. Stephon and Metapod heard Blade's cry of pain, and Stephon ran in there. He saw Team Rocket and immediately released his Pokemon. Stephon knew he was outnumbered, but he also knew that he couldn't back down. Carmen through another throwing-star, this time at Stephon, but once again, Blade jumped in the way. He let another cry of pain go, and this was all that Metapod could take. With Blade's one open eye, he saw a glowing coming from outside the shack. He turned to the light and saw that Metapod was evolving. Metapod evolved into Butterfree and flew into the shack. ".Bu.Butterfree..use.your.Sl.Sleep Powder," Blade stuttered to get the words out, but they came. Butterfree used his Sleep Powder, and all the members of Team Rocket were put to sleep. Blade then told Stephon to grab the bag behind Carmen, which contained the stolen Pokemon. After grabbing the bag, Stephon once again told his Abra to Teleport them all to the nearest Pokemon Center, which happened to be the Pewter City Pokemon Center.