From: Scythe10085 ( Subject: [PW!]The Secret Base (Sorry for shortness) Newsgroups: Date: 2000/05/26 **The story left off with O searching for a new Pokemon on Route 18. And, even now, O still hasn't found any new Pokemon** "Ah, just me bloody luck. Not a single Pokemon all day! **sigh** Oh well, I guess we'd better go get a bit to eat, right Kingler?" "Kookie!!!" "Yeah", said O, "We can come back later." As they walked back to Fuchsia, a black BMW drove up and stopped next to him. A window rolled down, and a deep voice ordered him into the car. "'S'cuse me?" "I said get in!!!!!" ordered the man. You are Agent O of HRMSS, rank, Lieutenant, age,15, aren't you?", he inquired, holding up a badge."I'm Agent S, and I was ordered to bring you to a mission briefing in our Fuchsia base. Please, come with me." O hopped in and rode to an old warehouse. O and S walked under the partially raised metal and through a revolving door camoflaged as a stack of metal crates. "Welcome, O!" said a voice on the other side. TBC Next O related post: 'Your Mission, Should You Choose to Accept It...'