From: Maria Rocket (mobius101@aol.compactpika) Subject: [PW!] The Ship Moved! It's a Miracle! Newsgroups: Date: 2000/03/24 Her eyes closed and her hands clamped together, Maria considered where on board to start searching for the Rocket she could trust with the task of buying her stolen Pokeballs, no questions asked. Taking a deep breath, she rose to her feet. It was time for a good look around. Just then, she heard hard footsteps coming towards her, and fast. Maria's brow creased and she whirled about, prepared to throw Estro overboard. "You don't know when to-" She screeched to a stop as she suddenly faced Mimic, who brought himself to an unsteady stop. "Mimic!" Her eyes widened joyfully, then she squealed and glomped him. "Erk!" Mimic felt himself suddenly squeese inward like a piece of silly putty, before he was able to recover and stablize his form. He put his arms around her. "Mimic glad see Maria, too. But no can stay on spot, trouble come." Maria blinked. "Trouble? What kind of trouble?" "Trouble like me." A figure in dark clothes turned the corner, followed by two others dressed in similar uniforms. "Global Police. This is going to be Team Rocket's last cruise and sinking of the SS Anne, we intend to make sure of that." Mimic blinked this time. "Global Police?" He narrowed his eyes and scanned the area. "Look like thugs hold back at moment...but which better, thugs or police?" Maria grit her teeth. "Careful Mimic...these guys aren't Team Rocket....and they certainly aren't a bunch of screw ups like ATR. They mean business." "Indeed." The GP officer in charge held his hand out. "Just give us the children and come along quietly. For their sakes, let's do this the easy way, shall we?" Maria and Mimic exchanged an uneasy look. Mimic could feel the Rocket thugs lurking just suddenly teleport now could be the equivalent of jumping from the frying pan into the fire. He felt Maria's arm reaching behind him to where the twins were strapped. "Wait..." Just as Maria slid the pack from his shoulders, the entire boat shuddered violently. The unexpected movement of the ship sent them sprawling across the deck. She gave a shocked cry as Seth and Hope went sailing into the air....and right into the arms of one of the officers. "NO!" Then the ship lurched again, pulling out to sea at last. Pulling herself up to her knees, she found the officers were still thrown about, but there was no sign of the twins. Frantically, she looked around, finding Mimic gone as well. "Mimic! Where are you!?" "Mmph." Maria sweatdropped and looked down. She got to her feet, and ripped the flattened Mimic from the deck. He immediately popped back out to a full three dimensions. "Mimic...dizzy..." Maria grabbed his arm. "Mimic, the twins, did you see where the twins went?" He had no time to reply, as... TBC? ~Maria R "Psy yie yie..." --- --- "R is for Rrrah...Rrrah...Rocket!" - Meowth --- Rocketshipper Forever! --- TEOTWAWKI