From: Adrian Tymes ( Subject: Re: [PW!] The Ship Moved! It's a Miracle! Newsgroups: Date: 2000/03/26 Lewis19 wrote: > A purple splash of goo was over his face, suffocating him. The GP > fired wildly at the air, and the two Rockets took cover. Finally the > officer collapsed from a lack of oxygen. Mimic slowly got off his face. > > "Mimic no want Maria get shot." Mimic said, carfully sliding the twins > back to Maria. "So, now what?" Maria was about to answer, but Mimic beat her to it. "Mimic and Maria think of maybe kill Estro for telling Giovanni everything. But since Estro warn about Global Police, will probably settle for repeat of earlier. Maria?" She blinked once, not taking much time to comprehend what Mimic was saying, then laid Estro flat with one punch again. "Mimic hope that catharitic." "Not really." Maria rubbed her fist. "But knowing that the cops will wake up before he does, and take him in for questioning, is." "Wait...Mimic see two cops. Mimic thought were three." Maria's hands roughly jerked back, in the grip of the remaining GP officer. "Now, then-" A torpedo with a spinning drill on its nose leapt out of the water and through the officer's head, flying unimpeded to land on the other side of the SS Anne. Mimic blinked. "Not see that every day." Maria massaged her wrists as the body thumped to the deck behind her. "Something tells me I don't want to know what just happened behind me." "Maria right on that. Mimic think this not best place to hide." "Hide?" She gestured to the four nonmoving forms. "All we need to do is get away from these guys for a while." "And from Giovanni's goons. Are already on board." Maria gulped. "If they're here, we should find Slasher and leave." "No. Not yet. Anyone leave ship, easily seen. May make scene, draw attention. Wait until SS Anne sink and many people leave, or at least until next port. But find Slasher not bad idea. No want hostages." Unnoticed by either of them, a silent alarm from a monitoring implant in the dead Global Police officer was already summoning reinforcements. TBC?