From: RobfromVoid ( Subject: Re: [PW!] The S. S. Anne Arrives At Porta Vista! (ATTN: Ncnc123) Newsgroups: Date: 2000/05/02 Continue wrote: > "Grab one of the Teleport TMs out of my bag here and take Shellder out > of it?s pokeball." He waited until the Meowth had done as asked and his > as-of-yet-unnamed Shellder materialized. "Okay, put it on top of > Shellder and keeping pressing the button until the wires pop out, the TM > will take it from there." > > Drake then turned his attention to Minax, who was observing things and > looking for her opportunity to escape, much as he had moments before. > "Now then, let us talk." Minax, forced to have her arms in an uncomfortable position due to the Onix binding her, sneers at Drake, "What kind of a renegade member of the Pokemon Resistance uses Pokeballs and swings Pokemon around violently without their consent?" "Are you naturally stupid or is the Onix cutting off the flow of blood to your brain?" Drake asks the rhetorical question, rolls his eyes, and places one claw on Minax's chin, "I'm not a member of this 'Pokemon Resistance'. I've never even heard of it. Someone as slow to learn as you shouldn't be holding a firearm." The Dragonite shoves one arm into the space between Minax's chest and the Onix's rock body, fishes around for a moment, and finally procures Minax's revolver. Minax snorts in amusement and says, "And just what are you planning to do with that? You don't even have fingers. I really doubt that you can fire that gun using your claws, Pokemon, so you might as well just return it to me." "I'm sure that I *can* fire a gun. Be glad that I don't feel the need to prove it to the likes of you." Drake winds up his muscular arm for a pitch and hurls the revolver off the side of the S. S. Anne with his incredible physical strength, "If you want your toy back, you'll have to go fishing for it. I have more important business to attend to, so if you don't mind, and even if you do, I'll be on my way." Drake stretches his wings, releases the grip his tail has on Splash, and hovers off the ship slowly. Memuyo, Drake's Meowth partner, recalls the Shellder that has just learned Teleport and chases after the Dragonite. Minax struggles to break free of the Onix wrapped around her until she remembers who it belongs to. She asks, "Splash, why haven't you called back your Onix yet?" She looks at the place where Splash should be on the floor. He isn't there. "Splash?" "Wait up, Dragonite!" Splash yells as he chases after Drake, trying to catch up with the Dragonite, "Wrap your tail around me again to remind me of the sweet bliss that was being entangled in the vines of Murasaki's Ivysaur! Please! Come back!" Minax narrows her eyes and screams at the rookie Rocket, "Splash, you idiot! I can tell you where Murasaki is, remember?" Splash halts in his tracks, turns around, and runs towards Minax even faster than he ran towards Drake. He stops at her side, picks up his Pokeball, and calls his Onix back into it. Minax falls on her butt, which is ample enough to cushion her small drop. Splash helps her up, saying, "That Dragonite sure was smart! He didn't fall for my 'Tell him that I want him to Wrap me, then throw another Pokeball at him when he least expects it' plan to capture him. Now tell me where Murasaki is!" "Not yet. Since you failed so miserably at capturing that Dragonite for my interrogation, I'm going to need you to help me with something before I tell you where you can find Murasaki." Minax smirks when she sees the look of desperation on Splash's face. She grabs his shirt and pulls him towards her, "You had better not screw up like you did just now and during the Team Rocket initiation test I gave you. Let me remind you: Three strikes and... well, I'm sure you can figure out the rest." She pushes him away and glances around the deck for her Pokemon. Since she can't find her Zubat or Omelette the Chansey anywhere nearby, she tilts her head back, licks her blood-red lips, and emits a loud whistling noise out of her wet lips! Splash covers his ears and protests, "What was that all about?!" "I'm calling my Zubat." Minax explains, glancing about, "He knows that he must report to me when he hears that noise." "WHAT?!" Splash shouts, not because he lost his hearing from the whistle, but because he's still covering his ears. Minax sighs and points at a blue Zubat that flies into the area carrying a young Chansey who is using her tiny limbs to hang onto Zubat's leg-like appendages. When the Zubat arrives, he wiggles in front of Minax's feet to release Omelette's grip on him, then flies up to Minax's eye level, panting over all the misadventures he had gotten into while Minax was confronting Drake. Minax understands what her favorite Pokemon wants, so she pulls a Pokeball off her belt and returns the exhausted Zubat to his relaxing spherical home. She points at her Chansey and sternly states, "Stop being such a burden, Omelette." This said, she turns towards the plank that leads off the S. S. Anne onto the dock of Porta Vista. "Are you going to help me, Splash?" "That depends on what you want me to do." Splash replies with a look of defiance on his face which Minax doesn't see since she has his back turned on him. Splash decides to explain why he made his decision to refuse Minax's task if it's too demeaning, "I mean, I'll do just about anything to figure out where Murasaki is, but I can also do that by myself if what you want is too much. Besides, when I get promoted in Team Rocket, I'll get a Murasaki Tracker, just like the one you have!" Splash then twiddles his fingers idly, "On second thought, that might take a long time... so what do you want me to do?" Minax faces Splash, places one hand on her hip, and snaps her fingers with her other hand, "Help me with my makeover, girl friend! I'm going to enter the Swimsuit competition at Porta Vista and I need to look my best. Not that it will be a difficult job since I'm already so stunning, but I need to dye my hair a more appealing shade of red, get a facial, manicure, pedicure, and most importantly - buy the right swimsuit. Assist me in the crowded Porta Vista shops, helping me as I purchase makeup like polish and lipstick, perfume, and a sexy swimsuit - then I'll tell you where you can find Murasaki." She steps onto the plank leading off the S. S. Anne, Omelette following her wherever she goes. Minax picks up her shades from where she dropped them when she collided with Drake and slides them back onto her nose. She stares at the crowded dock as she asks, "Well?" -Minax