From: ShiningTiger ( Subject: [PW!] They meet at Celadon... Newsgroups: Date: 2000/03/09 ((Just an OOC comment...this post has both Ryo *and* Tyger, I'm finally having the two meet and revealing my storyline with them a little...not that I haven't dropped a few hints already...)) Tyger, having left John behind in Lavender and ignoring the Tower, was just arriving at the gates to the famous Celadon city...when he was trampled by an Eevee stampede. Sitting up after that, he rubbed the multiple lumps and pawprints that covered his body. "Anyone get the licence plate number of that Rhydon?..." With a groan, he stood up and looked around. The street was deserted, and, oddly enough for this area, a tumbleweed rolled by... ************************************************** Ryo laughed out loud. The chaos was intoxicating, to say the least, but he needed *more*. He glanced around at the deserted street he stood on, and growled at the lack of fun. Shrugging to himself, he began to head towards the casino to let out a little tension and get a quick fix of that lovely odor...when he sensed a *powerful* force approaching. With nothing but a thought, he teleported to where he thought he felt it...((another note: the only Psychic powers Ryo has are teleportation and the sensing of other psychics) *********************************************** ******* It was all Tyger could do to keep from jumping as the strange...and strangely familiar, man appeared right in front of him. All of his pokéballs, including Nutso's, were vibrating wildly. "Who are you?" he asked "I could ask you the same thing" commented Ryo, "You, me, pokémon match, now. Lets see if your training skills are as good as you mental ones" Tyger, terribly confused at that last comment, only nodded. "Good" said Ryo, his eyes flashing red, "Winner names the prize, agreed?" Tyger, growing more confident, nodded again. With a shout, Ryo released his Arcanine, while Tyger threw out Aussie. Needless to say, it was a lopsided battle, but in response, Ryo sent out Gyarados, whose Hydro Pump sent the poor Marowak into unconciousness. Tyger let Mystery out. "Metronome attack! Try for something electric!" The Clefairy waggled its arms around, and much to eveyone's surprise, Thunderbolts erupted all around, knocking out the Gyarados and very nearly killing both trainers. "Grrrr! One more pokémon each. Winner takes all, and no fat fairies this time!" Mystery glared at Ryo, but was unable to do anything as he was called back to the pokéball. Tyger thought about who to use next. This guy seemed to have a panache for strong pokémon, and Aussie was his strongest that he knew of...he'd have to risk it. Nutso and an Abra now held the battlefield, and if anyone were watching, they'd be able to see the waves of psychic energy rebounding off each other between them. Tyger began to glow without realizing it again, and Ryo's eyes flew wide. Not at Tyger's lightshow, though, but at something in the air. Tyger looked up to see what was going on, only to be hit from behind, going out cold. Nutso was surprised and knocked out as well... Ryo stood over Tyger's prone form. "Now, lets see what kind of power you've got.." he said, pulling out his DNA machine and taking a hair from Tyger. It began to display the pattern, and Ryo dropped the machine, sending parts all over the street. "This can't be...according to'' *clone*, with a few changes..." Ryo looked up to the sky again in confusion, only to see another odd sight...Zapdos! The thunderbird launched a massively powerful Thunder attack which left a crater where Ryo had been standing just a moment ago, though he was now off somewhere else...shocked to his senses... ****************************************************** Tyger awoke a few moments later to an odd sight...a Zapdos feather was laying accross his nose... TBC Ryo Masaki/Tyger Wolfe