From: RobfromVoid ( Subject: [PW!] 'Till Death Do You... Never Mind. Newsgroups: Date: 2000/03/07 One bright afternoon, on the usually foggy Lavender Town streets, a dark-haired teenage boy dressed in a white shirt, red tie, black blazer, khaki pants, and brown penny loafers walks alongside his his girlfriend, a younger girl dressed in a beautiful sky blue dress that ends at her knees and white sandals. They are holding hands and talking about the Wedding of their Ghost Pokemon as they head towards Pokemon Tower. Today is finally the big day for their ghosts. Robert and Rilli are both thinking about their own relationship, though they don't speak a single word about it - instead they talk about the Wedding guests. Indeed, the Wedding guests are an interesting subject for conversation - since other than Robert and Rilli themselves, the guests are all Pokemon. Released from their Pokeballs, they follow behind their trainers, Robert's Pokemon walking alongside Rilli's. Robert's Gengar, who has dolled himself up for the occasion by wearing a white bow tie to go with his shiny teeth, floats next to Rilli's Haunter, who is wearing a lavender dress that just hangs below her smiling mouth and who is also carrying a wiggling lavender egg in her hands. Though both Ghost Pokemon usually look very happy, today they both look extremely ecstatic! Gengar's grin is so wide that the corners of his mouth extend all the way to his back! "Gen, Gen, Gen, Gen, GENGAR!" Directly behind the Ghostly couple are the Best Pokemon and the Bride's Maid - Robert's Golem and Rilli's Clefable, respectively. Golem was chosen by Robert and approved by Gengar to be Best Pokemon since he's the most loyal and dedicated Pokemon that Robert is currently training - besides, Robert tried to ask Tauros but the wild bull's response was shoving his two horns in places that can be described as private, so Robert exchanged him for Golem. Rilli's Clefable was happy to be Bride's Maid since she wanted to wear the pretty pink dress that came with the job more than Electabuzz did! Rilli's Electabuzz, being male and all, didn't want to be Haunter's Bride's Maid. Instead, Rilli told him that he could be the Usher, and though he doesn't quite understand his job, he enjoys what has been assigned to him - leading Robert's Golduck around so that she doesn't trip over her own webbed feet or anything else for that matter. The curvaceous blue duck has one slender arm linked around one of Electabuzz's huge forearms, and fortunately she hasn't tripped yet. Also trailing are Robert's Vileplume and Rilli's Victreebel, who have gone without sunlight for such a long time that they are still dizzy, even though they were released early in the morning. Rilli's Horsea is enjoying a ride in the arms of Robert's Slowbro, an act that shows that Water Pokemon are just as cohesive as Water. They are towards the end of the long procession line of Pokemon headed towards Pokemon Tower. Slowbro trying his best to keep up with the others. Trailing behind everyone else is a sad little Omanyte, the Prehistoric Pokemon that's been forgotten for so long. No Pokemon accompanies Omanyte. And Omanyte's loneliness happens to be what Mithril-rama notices just as she arrives at the entrance of Pokemon Tower, "Robert, why is it that I have six Pokemon out now and you only have five out? Omanyte's lonely. Can't you send out... Who is it that you haven't sent out?" Before Robert can answer, Mithril-rama remembers, "Cubone! You didn't invite Cubone to Gengar's Wedding? But they've been together since you started your Journey! How could you not invite him?" "He's afraid of Pokemon Tower, just like my mom, which is why she didn't come." Robert looks up at the old dilapidated Tower looming before him, "I know it's hard to believe that a Cubone would be scared of this place, since that's where most people find wild Cubone, but it's true. It might have something to do with the Ghosts of his mother, the one who was killed while trying to escape from Team Rocket. It's just very traumatic for him, just like Celadon is for you." Mithril-rama places her arms behind her back and looks downward, "I'm sorry, it's just that Omanyte's so sad..." Robert then glances at Omanyte, who's droopy eyelids are titled to the side to create one of the saddest expressions that he has ever seen. Robert reaches for the only occupied Pokeball on his belt without a second thought and enlarges it, "Then again, Omanyte needs a friend... and it's a bright and sunny day, so I doubt Cubone would be too afraid to go inside the Tower now, especially once he knows why we're going in." Robert throws the yellow and brown Pokeball, "Cubone, go!" "RAI-CHU!" A short yet voluptuous female Raichu appears before Robert with a very angry look on her face. She stands on her haunches with her tail sticking straight up. One of her eyes twitches sporadically while sparks fly from her tensed cheeks, "CHU! Rai, rai, RAI CHU! Rai CHU! RAI-AI RAICHU RAICHU!" She Thundershocks Robert until he falls to the ground, crosses her arms, and turns away from her trainer, obviously very ticked off, "Chu!" Rilli is surprised to see Raichu instead of Cubone and Raichu's actions figuratively shock her more than they shocked Robert. She kneels next to Robert, and when she affirms that he's okay, she says, "Odd. The last time Raichu came out, she obeyed... Hmm, when *was* the last time she came out of her Pokeball? I hardly remember when she evolved. I know it was during a battle against Jeremy, but when was that?" Rilli glances at the murmuring Raichu, "That might be the problem." "What's the problem?" Robert wheezes out, trying to stand up so that he's not late to the Wedding, "Please don't tell me that Pikachu is to Raichu as Charmander is to Charmeleon... I don't think I can take any more abuse from my own Pokemon!" Mithril-rama helps Robert stand up while explaining Raichu's current frustrations, "The very same day that you evolved her a long time ago, you exchanged her for Cubone and you've been carrying him around ever since then, neglecting her. You might've also evolved her for the wrong reason or at the wrong time... I think you actually gave her the Thunder Stone before she fully developed and even before she learned her Thunder attack!" "Geeze, if she had learnt Thunder before I evolved her, I'd be dead now." Robert adjusts his slightly charred coat, "I didn't give her a Thunder Stone for the wrong reason. I evolved her so I could beat Jeremy's long blue water snake thing!" Mithril-rama tries to remember the heated battle, recalling that it took place in Lavender Town, "And did you?" Robert pauses for a moment, then shakes his head, "No, but that's not the point, and now's not the time to talk about it. We can't be late to the Wedding! Raichu, retur..." Robert pauses when he sees that Raichu has already wandered away from him and is talking to Omanyte about being ignored. Omanyte looks happier since he can relate to someone! Robert smiles and puts Raichu's Pokeball back on his belt, "It looks like Omanyte found a friend, after all." Gengar taps on Robert's shoulder and points at Haunter's cupped dismembered hands. Robert looks at the egg in Haunter's hands - it has a small crack on it. Robert sweatdrops, slams open the doors of Pokemon Tower, grabs Rilli's hand, and runs inside - all twelve Pokemon following him! -Robert