From: Continue ( Subject: [PW!] Total Control (was: Re: [PW!] Return to Maiden's Peak) Newsgroups: Date: 2000-10-09 18:33:42 PST Marco262 wrote: > Simeon had yet to get used to the idea that he had to use the > Spearow's senses to guide himself, not his own. As a result he tripped > over quite a few objects before he began to get the hang of it. Still, a > lone folding chair caught him offguard and he stumbled. He snapped > the Spearow's head around. Falling! He shot both his hands forward, > groping for a support. Both his hands found support at the same time. > > A Dragonite! And a Dratini! The Spearow's excellent vision gave him > perfect images of the two pokémon his hands had landed on. Both had > looks of shock on their faces. Then, he felt their minds begin to > bubble up beneath his own. > > Three minds! It was amazing! Each brought with it a sense of > accomplishment and immense pleasure. He delved deeper into their > minds, savoring the feeling his control gave him. Both were caught > offguard, and their feelings of panic and shock were quite clear. The > Dratini's mind caught his attention, and he looked > closer...something...not...right. Then the Dragonite's mind began to slip > away. > > The Dragonite was coming out of his shock, and resisting the > intruder. Simeon, desperate to keep his control, fought at the mental- > barrier the Dragonite was building. Then, the Dratini woke up as well. > Simeon began to panic. > > His control! They were slipping away! He fought a losing battle on > the pokémons' minds. Their minds were battering away his offense. > Too many at once! He couldn't fight back! Simeon jerked his hands > away. Their minds faded, and Simeon was left with only his confused > Spearow. > > He looked at them through the Spearow's eyes, and he noticed the > Meowth looking up at him. It blinked at him curiously, confused as to > what was going on. How delicious. The innocent little Meowth, what a > meal its mind would make. But the two Dragon pokémon would > protect their little friend. And without their permission, he couldn't > even fight the Meowth's mind. > > He wanted their minds, oh yes. He wanted their minds bad. "Hey! What ?" Drake started to shout in surprise and anger, but he quickly remembered about Doppler. "Uh, what just happened?" "Felt like psychic control," commented Mimic as he regained his senses, "initiated after physical contact from the man with the Spearow." With this pronunciation, all three seated pokemon turned to stare expectantly at the stranger before them. Simeon sweatdropped "Sorry about that, it was an accident. I don?t really have control over that yet." He tried to appear sincerely apologetic. Even wanting their minds as badly as he did, he figured just trying to control them directly again wouldn?t get him anywhere since they had just broken free. Something struck Simeon as familiar when he finally consciously processed that they had both talked to him out loud and not using telepathy. He had heard another pokemon talking out loud not too long ago. It had been in Porta Vista, at the contest. That one was also a Dragonite, but dressed in a cloak. The voice sounded the same, though. If he knew it?s name he could be sure. The Dratini was also unusual. For a moment, the idle thought of the two pokemon being related entered Simeon?s mind. It was banished quickly as he was sure what he had briefly touched there was very different. It seemed like something completely different from the other one. He needed to know something more about them, something that he could use to get what he needed. Acting on this impulse he stuck out his hand to the Dragonite in a gesture meant to initiate a handshake. "My name?s Simeon, and you are?" With slightly narrowed eyes and a raised eyebrow ridge, the Dragonite gave him a look that spoke volumes about the pokemon?s suspicion and confusion. "You?ll excuse me if I don?t shake your hand with you not having control over that. I?m Drake," the Dragon pokemon pointed at the Meowth "that?s Memuyo," Drake now pointed to the Dratini "and he?s?" "Mimic." Mimic bowed his head after picking up on the cue. "Mimic would shake hands, but doesn?t have any right now, maybe later." The name that the Dragonite gave was familiar to Simeon, he was sure he heard the Dragonite at the contest called that. He wasn?t sure about Mimic, but the speech pattern reinforced the difference between the two even more. The anticipation of finding out what put a glimmer in the young psychic?s eye. "Maybe later? What exactly do you mean?" <TBC?> Jeff Hauser* *Sig Sold Seperately