From: Marco262 ( Subject: Re: [PW!] Total Control Newsgroups: Date: 2000-10-18 14:10:21 PST Continue wrote: > Since the distraction had moved back out of the way, Simeon began to > return to what had been occupying him before. With that returned the > emotions that had come before, a part of him that would not be crushed > by powerful beings, no matter what it cost him. > > "I think that?s enough playtime for this evening." With this pronounced > in her usual emotionless tone, Sabrina casually turned and began to walk > away into the night. > > <TBC?> Simeon stared at her retreating form, and he was quivering with anger. He still had one hand on his three pokeballs on his belt, and kept one of the Spearow's eyes on the Dragonite. The sudden danger from an unexpected direction reminded him how vulnerable he was without his psychic abilities, and a head-on fight with Sabrina would have been even more dangerous than a crazed Dragonite. But the anger wouldn't go away. Simeon glared at Drake through the Spearow's eyes. Then he sat down on a chair, put two fingers in front of his mouth, and let his conscious sink back into the recesses of his mind. Being incapable of sleep, and thus incapable of dreams, means that an hour or two of deep meditation to collect and organize memories. And the Spearow watched hsi two new acquiantances, ready to wake his master if the need be.