From: Adrian Tymes ( Subject: Re: [PW!] Total Control Newsgroups: Date: 2000-10-19 20:06:34 PST Marco262 wrote: > But the anger wouldn't go away. > > Simeon glared at Drake through the Spearow's eyes. Then he sat down on a > chair, put two fingers in front of his mouth, and let his conscious sink back > into the recesses of his mind. Being incapable of sleep, and thus incapable of > dreams, means that an hour or two of deep meditation to collect and organize > memories. > > And the Spearow watched hsi two new acquiantances, ready to wake his master > if the need be. Not-Simeon watched Sabrina leave, then suddenly stood up and stretched. "Mmm...Mimic think enough fun for one meal. Want go see fireworks?" Drake looked up, then back at Simeon. "Yeah, sure. Are you coming, Memuyo?" "Meowth!" He nodded his head very vigorously. Drake rolled his eyes. "Right. I forgot the cotton candy stand would still be open." Mimic continued to stretch, almost posing, then ended it with a shrug. "Just make sure you still got Mewtwo student, and Mimic no mean human." Drake blinked, then checked his palm. Sure enough, the two dots and a line were still there, extremely passive for once. #Why are you baiting him?# #...Mimic no know.# Mimic looked back at Drake. "Why ask?" "Why ask what?" "What Drake just think..." Not-Simeon frowned. "Wait, that no was Drake voice. Was..." Drake caught up when Mimic paused. "Was...?" "Mimic *thought* was Doppler, but no possible." He gestured to Drake's hand. "No is independent mind there." Drake looked at his hand again. And at his bag. Which Memuyo was digging into, then running off with many coins from. "Hey, wait! If you eat that much, you'll get a bellyache!" The dragonite gave chase. "Meowth!" Mimic shrugged, gave Simeon one last look, then morphed into another random passer-by before walking off after Drake and Memuyo. TBC?