From: Syke Loy (sykeloy@aol.comJohn316) Subject: [PW!] Touch Down on the Anne Newsgroups: Date: 2000/03/23 Soaring up above in the sunlight glow, Syke couldn't feel any better. His worries were a half a world away, and now was time for some much needed fun. The SS Anne has already begun it's departure, and looked like a misthrewn cigar from up above. The Pidgeot began to pick up speed with the shifting wins, altering it's wings to gain acceleration, at the same time being very cautions so his partner doesn't fly off. The wings went back mimicking a jet and Syke hugged Brother's neck as close as he could. The sound of an approaching sound barrier ready to crack made his ears death, but it all soon ended as Brother hovered over a landing pad. Brother was huge, with a wingspan of over 60 feet he made other Pidgeot look like hens. Over time, working together Syke and Brother honed their skills, quickening their features. And the product of their labors was a force to be reckon with. When Brother's mighty talon's touched down, Syke hopped off his back and on to the landing pad. The long flight from Cerulean had exhausted Brother, specially since the trip had been upwind. "Aye Brother, why don't you rest up in the Aviary while I go check out down below." The raptor nodded to his partner and launched off to the Pokemon Servicing area. Syke found the lift to the second level, and gave the S.S. Anne crew mate his ticket. "Time for some much needed relaxation..." To be continued... (Does anybody want to interact?) ----------- E-Mail: AIM: Syke Loy When you get what you don't deserve, it's a real good thing. When you don't get what you deserve, it's a real good thing.