From: Josh ( Subject: [PW!] Trouble In The Mysterious Cave Newsgroups: Date: 2000/05/06 -Trouble In The Mysterious Cave-Episode 02 "Char," Blade hears as he slowly opens his eyes. He sees his two Pokemon, Charmander & Pikachu, standing next to him. As he begins to get up, he feels a painful feeling in his back and stomach. He looks at his stomach and sees that his wound has been treated and wrapped by someone. "I see your finally up," says a mysterious voice standing in the shadows. "Who are you?" Blade asks. "My name is Stephon," the kid says, "Your lucky I was down here to treat your wounds, or you would've died." "Thanks," Blade says as he looks at his surroundings, "Where are we?" "Were in a cave under Viridian Forest," Stephon says, "I was doing research on the kinds of Pokemon in the cave, when I heard a loud noise. I ran here to see you and your Pokemon laying there. I gave your Pokemon both Potions, but your injuries were much more severe. Luckily, I've had some medical experience so I was able to fix you up." Blade once again tried to get up, but the pain of the injury was too much. "Can you hand me my swords?" Blade asked. Stephon didn't understand why Blade wanted it, but he handed him his stuff. Blade took out some rope from his backpack and unsheathed one of his swords. He tied the rope to the handle of the sword, and noticing that the cave was very small, through the sword at the ceiling of the cave. He then pulled himself up, though the pain was excruciating. "It would have been easier to ask me for help," Stephon said, "But you shouldn't be getting up, you almost died." "I'm fine," Blade says as he tries to hide the pain in his voice, "Where is the nearest exit?" Stephon noticed the pain in his voice, but realized that it wasn't his decision. "The nearest exit is in that direction," Stephon said as he pointed to the beginning of the cave. "But that leads to the beginning of Viridian Forest," Blade said angrily, "I'll be going in a circle." "Sorry," Stephon said, "But that's the only way. I' m heading back in that direction, so I'll go with you. Blade, Charmander, Pikachu, and Stephon then went on their way. "What were you doing up there anyway?" Stephon asks Blade as they walk through the cave. "I had something that I had to do, then the floor fell from under me," Blade said as he thought of Carmen and the battle. "So what were you studying in this cave?" Blade asked Stephon as he tried to avoid the topic of his injury. "Honestly, I have know idea what I'm doing here," Stephon asked, "I was drawn into the cave by this weird feeling." Silence filled the air for several more miles of cave, until they reached the entrance. They saw the entrance from a distance, but Blade knew something was wrong. He made Stephon stop as he unsheathed his swords. "Charmander, Pikachu, somebody's here, so be ready," Blade said as he looked around the cave. "Prepare to be destroyed," a voice said from the entrance of the cave. Blade looked at the entrance and saw three men dressed in Team Rocket uniforms. They each threw a Pokeball, one with a Krabby, one with an Oddish, and the other with a Growlithe. "Charmander, Pikachu, you fight the Pokemon, while I take care of their owners." "No," Stephon said, "Your to injured to fight." "I'm fine," Blade said as he charged towards the members of Team Rocket. The three men were ready to fight as they saw Blade running towards them. Three Vs. One would seem unfair to anyone but Blade. The three men threw their punches simutaneously, as Blade was able to dodge all the attacks. The fight didn't last longer than two minutes. Blade easily took out two of the men, but as he turned to check on his Pokemon, he noticed a Paras fighting alongside them. He realized that the Paras was Stephon's. He quickly turned to the last remaining member of Team Rocket and started to fight him. This member was the hardest of them all, and with one quick punch to the stomach, Blade hit the floor in a lot of pain. Stephon saw this, and after Charmander, Pikachu, and Paras defeated the three Pokemon of Team Rockets, they each used an attack on the last remaining member of Team Rocket. As he fell to the floor, Stephon released his Abra and told him to Teleport everyone but Team Rocket and their Pokemon to the Viridian City Pokemon Center.