From: Jon (jonf911@aol.comSailorV) Subject: Re: [PW!] Viridian at last Newsgroups: Date: 2000-12-05 03:18:27 PST DAAH! YOU DIDN'T SEND IT BY EMAIL AND I WROTE A STORY TOO! ... but it's as much my fault for not reading the NG. ^_^;;;; Anyhoo, here's my story. You can figure the other trio were written out of the story when Damian sends them to the wrong place, and this takes place after Beth's story. Bandraptor wrote: >"Giovanni said to assure you that your party is the first," replied the >guard. >"I guess we'll wait," said Runt. >Inside the gym, Giovanni went to his private office and locked the >door. He opened a panel to a special communications device. "Attention >all Rockets.... I have a job for you," he said. "That baby Aerodactyl >will be mine," he thought to himself. The others continued to wait outside the gym as Sarah Jane headed toward the PokeCenter. It was decided that Jon would go face the gym leader next, and that he would ask for a one on one battle to expedite the situation. As everyone sat and simply talked, a strange group of 3 people suddenly came up and swarmed them. One carried a video camera, and one had a microphone. A young woman, wearing a suit over something else, spoke first. "HI! We're from CPN, the leading Pokemon news network! And we want to interview your friend who just came out of the gym about her experience traveling as a trainer! Where did she go?!" Damian spoke up. "Toward the PokeMart." Jon looked up from his Pokedex. "N..." was all he got out before Runt knocked him upside the head. The "reporters" thanked Damian and headed toward the Viridian Pokemart. Runt pulled Jon back to his feet. "WHAT WAS THAT FOR?!" Damian answered him. "There is something suspicious about those three... I just didn't know what." Jon slowly nodded. Just then, a guard interrupted them. "Giovanni is ready for another challenger." Taking a breath, Jon stepped forward to the entrance. He showed the guards his other seven badges- Boulder, Cascade, Thunder, Soul, Rainbow, Volcano, and Marsh, and the doors mysteriously opened. Jon stepped forward. "Welcome. I am Giovanni, the last gym leader and your last stop before the League." "Hello. I'm Jon." Somehow that response sounded funny. Must have been the acoustics. "I humbly request, sir, that we make this match one on one. I would like to test my second best Pokemon." "Agreed. You're speaking of your Jolteon, obviously? Ninetales defeated Blaine." "Yes." "Then it's only fair for me to use my own tournament electric Pokemon. The team is made up of one Fire, one Water, one Electric, one Psychic, one Dragon, one Rock/Ground, and one Grass." "Standard." "Yes. Let's start. GO! Electabuzz." "Here we go! Jolteon!" --- Fifteen minutes later, it was over. Jolteon was supporting itself with the absolute last of its strength, and the Electabuzz had given up only seconds before. Both trainers had fought well and their Pokemon showed it. "For you, Jon." Giovanni said, throwing him an Earthbadge from the platform as he reentered his office. Jon returned outside and hurried to the PokeCenter. TBC