From: otaku ( Subject: [PW!] Warrior's Journey Newsgroups: Date: 2000/06/02 Darkness. Darkness surrounded John. He stood on a deserted road, between two paths. On the right path, stood Lavender town, shimmering under the moonlight. On the left path, darkness stretched outward into eternity. ?Which way do I go?? He called out into the empty air. ?You must go into the darkness. Face and concur your enemies boy.? Wisps of purple smoke appeared, dancing around his head. They began to swirl around him, growing larger. His mind screamed for him to move, but his body refused to obey. The smoke engulfed him, and then expanded. Two familiar faces appeared. ?Jack! Jill!? ?Heh heh heh. In the mood for a little Barbecue, Johnny boy?? Jack smiled sadistically. John growled, leaping at the two people, but they faded away before he could land a blow on either of them. ?There is only one way you can ever defeat them.? A sultry voice spoke out. ?How? Tell me!? ?I do not need to tell you. You already know.? Lavender town disappeared, and the darkness surrounded him completely. John nodded, and walked into the darkness. ?Perfect. He is almost mine.? Damascus appeared from nowhere, grinning. She chuckled softly, then began to laugh, the horrid sound echoing from all corners. Dawn. John rose out of bed, focused intently. He had stayed dressed, and his things were still in his trench coat. Without saying goodbye to Mr. Fuji, he strode out the door and on his way to Saffron. The trip took more than an hour, but John barely noticed. When he got there, the first thing he did was head into what most people called ?Rocket Central?. Walking into a tiny hole in the wall store, John slapped $3000 down on the counter. The people of Lavender had given tons of money to John, for his journey. Now it was time to put it to good use. The old man behind the counter whistled appreciatively at the money. He looked up at John questioningly. ?Weapons. A lot of weapons.? The man just shook his head, pointing to the display case. John glared. All that was in the display case was a Wigglytuff launcher, a Swiss army knife, and a few smoke bombs. ?You know, that?s funny. I did some research last night, and it seems this insignificant speck of a store is pretty famous. I wonder why. Don?t you wonder why, Jibs?? Jibs shook his head, sweating profusely. John sighed, and punched the man directly in his gut. The man wheezed, and held up a hand in protest. Reaching under the counter, he pressed a small button, and the wall behind him lifted up, revealing nearly every type of weapon known to man. ?Thought so. I?ll take that one.? John said, pointing to a long Samurai sword. The man counted the money, and handed over the sword, and a hilt for it. ?Before I go, one question; you haven?t said one word to me. Why?? The man lifted his head up, and pointed to a scar that ran from ear to ear along his neck. John nodded, and left the store. Releasing both his Pokemon, he leaned against a wall. ?I just want you both to know that I will forever be your master, and your friend. However, if either of you is uncomfortable with the idea of murder, I will allow you to leave now. But if you stay, know that I intend to get revenge on the two who killed my parents, and kill them.? Zuel and Igor looked at each other and nodded. Zuel padded over to John, licking his hand. Igor floated above the Growlithes head, nodding. ?We?re both with you on this John. Let?s get those bastards.? ?Are you sure? Once we set out, there?s no turning back.? ?In for a penny, in for a pound.? The Ghastly spoke, taking on a British accent. ?Glad to hear it. Now let?s get some breakfast, and then it?s off to Celadon. Jack and Jill have an apartment there.? Letting the two Pokemon stay by his side, John attached the hilt to his belt, and sheathed the sword. He walked into the bright early morning and adjusted his cap, pulling it down over his eyes. There was much work to be done. -AnimeOtaku, TR Ninja on AIM