From: Arcangel ( Subject: [PW!] Well, i guess that someday i'd have to finish this... Newsgroups: Date: 2000/05/03 Varait followed the Rocket inside Game Corner. Moving through the rabid gamblers, they came to a poster. The Rocket messed with it a bit, but nothing happened. "Er, gimme a sec...nothing's happening..." Varait moved past the Rocket to another poster, flicking the switch behind it. "How did you....?" the Rocket began. "Relax kid, there was bound to be what you were looking for behind one of these many posters. Besides, we're not in a game- it's not always the first one you come to." The Rocket sweatdropped. "Uh, yeah, i guess...." The Rocket strode purposefully ahead of Varait, tripping occasionally over his feet and anything uneven on the floor. Eventually, the stairs ended in a large room, with Rockets milling everywhere. The guiding Rocket led Varait to a lift concealed in a Corner. Pushing the button, they waited. And waited. Eventually, Varait spoke. "Aren't you supposed to have a KEY to get in the lift?" The Rocket sweatdropped. "How the heck do you know all this stuff?" "Well," mused Varait, "i've worked for enough underground groups to know the basics of base design. All it needs now is a leader in a sharp black suit with a rose in a buttonhole, who disappears in a blinding flash..." The Rocket tried to hide his face. "Uh, yeah, but we're not that corny...." Eventually, after 10 minutes, the Rocket remembered about the key. Getting out a card, he swiped it in a card reader. Still nothing. Varait nudged him. "Try your ID card, not your credit card." Finally, after being around this clumsy inept Rocket for a good hour, Varait finally came to the boss's office. The two men strode in, Varait relieved that he may be finally getting rid of this idiot."Ah, Varait, i've been waiting a while...." "Well, next time, send an EXPERIENCED member of Team Rocket to pick me up." The Rocket went red, before collapsing to the floor after tripping on his shoelaces. Giovanni sweatdropped. "He' We hoped you could maybe do something with him while you were on the mission, train him a little. "Speaking of which...." he threw a folder across the desk. "Your target. This man owns something of Alakazam called Kinetech. The woman is...not. She/it is a Ditto, once again tampered with by those scientific fools at Silph. Catch her and her pokémon. The what you must. The Ditto....she/it MUST be taken alive. Got that?" "Understood. Do i REALLY have to take this fool with me?" Varait gestured to the Rocket, who dodged his hand only to trip again. "Well, he needs all the training he can get. And besides, it always helps to forge new partnerships...." TBC PS, anyone wanna meet with Sartak and Milia on the SS Anne? I've kinda got that writer's block dropped on my desk again... Arc. The writer of Sartak, Milia and Varait. And also some else.