From: Adrian Tymes ( Subject: Re: [PW!] Where's Articuno When You Need Him? Newsgroups: Date: 2000-11-03 23:47:07 PST Continue wrote: > Left without anyone else that demanded his attention, Drake searched for > the figure above the volcano again and found it still there. He turned to > Mimic and asked "Do you know who or what that is?" " familiar. High importance Rocket, or was...Mimic never saw him with wings, though..." "Meowth!" "Memuyo sure?" "Owth." "Mimic no see him toss anything into volcano. But, if Memuyo say so..." Further conversation was cut off by a large rock slamming down on the pier. The hiss of steamm and wave of heat identified its volcanic origins even more than its rapidly diminishing dull red glow. Drake looked at the figure, shifted his head to the side, and looked again, judging the distance. "Whoever that is, I think he's got a very good idea." Thirty seconds later saw Mimic on Drake's back, and Memuyo holding on for dear life on Drake's neck, rising above the ash cloud to the figure's level. From up here, the devastation that was Cinnabar played out like a map...but so did various rays of hope, as the lava seemed to currently be missing most of the town. Not that anyone on the ground could see that for themselves, nor was it a sure thing: as they watched, a seemingly safe and uninhabited strip of the island collapsed to reveal a large lava tube. Curious, they drifted towards the winged figure, each one keeping one eye on it and one eye on the catastrophe below. TBC? [OOC: So, is it Dreadite, Darkness, or just someone with a pidgey on their back?]