From: Adrian Tymes ( Subject: [PW!][SS Anne] Where there's a bar, there can be... Newsgroups: Date: 2000/03/13 Dreadite wrote: > "So wassup D?" > "Nothin. Watchin the game, having a bud." > "True, true." > > The scent of alcohol was absolutely awful in the bar of the SS Anne, > Dreadite noted. He was never a drinking person, but Shard wanted to go > to the bar, so here he was. > > Dreadite looked around. "I haven't been in one of THESE in years, Shard. > This had better be good." "So then he says, 'I'm not gonna be like the last captains. *This* SS Anne's gonna survive the trip!' And I says, 'That's what all the other ones said too, 'cept for the first one 'cause no SS Annes had sank yet. But if you're really determined, have the traditional newbie captain's drink.' And I poured him one, and sure enough, he turned greener 'n' a bulbasaur and hightailed it for his room." A few sailors listening to the bartender's tale laughed at that, but one of the younger ones stopped short and rubbed his chin. "So whatchyer sayin' is, yer the reason why we haven't left port yet?" "Nah. Someone's gonna find the captain an' offer him a backrub, or some Jiggly-Bismol. Then the captain'll come around, and we'll be off. It's taking longer than it usually does, but these things happen." "But...the captain wouldna' be sick if it weren't for you. So, 's way I figger it, *yer* the reason I'm so bored." "Hey, mate." One of the other sailors pushed the first sailor away from the bar. "We haze all the new captains this way. Been doin' it since the first SS Anne. Captains sometimes lose rep when th' ship goes down, but some'f us've been servin' on every single one, an' we don' mind." The first sailor pushed back. "Watch where you put your hands, ya big-" And someone threw a punch, and Dreadite ducked as 200 pounds of muscle sailed over his head. The bartender instinctively slammed a button under the bar, causing an invisible barrier to snap into place protecting him, and the breakable bottles and glasses behind the bar, from the spectacle. Those on the other side had no such protection; the fight spread too quickly for the more peaceful types to make a safe exit. Oddly, it actually took Dreadite a full five minutes to decide to draw his sword. He posed, then slowly slid the metal across its sheath, drawing out the sound of metal upon metal lining. It took him a full minute to draw it completely and move it meanicingly in front of him...which is when he realized absolutely nobody had noticed. Just a bit irritated, he swung at a figure near the door. For whatever reason, though, his target did not drop despite being cut to what looked like the bone. "MarIIIaaa," Mimic whined in the voice of a petulant child - though it could possibly have been pain, "Dreadite attacking Mimic with long, sharp, pointy thing. Make him stop." Dreadite blinkblinked, then unsheathed his sword from the ditto. His attack had parted the brawl, allowing some of the wiser bar patrons to exit with haste. "I didn't recognize you. What are you doing here?" Maria shrugged, stepping away from the door and pulling Mimic outside with her. "We heard a commotion and came to investigate. Need any help?" Dreadite leapt through the door to avoid an errant punch. "No need. The police can handle it..." Two Officer Jennys soared out the bar's window, sent overboard by a whirlwind. "...or not." A sudden whine announced the first use of this ship's not-quite-calibrated PA speakers. "ALL SECURITY CREW REPORT TO THE MIDSHIP BAR! REPEAT, ALL SECURITY TO THE MIDSHIP BAR! BRAWL IN PROGRESS!" Dreadite looked both ways at the mobs that started heading for the bar. "No way does this ship have that many guards. I'd say some of the passengers and crew want to work off their boredom." Not wanting to go overboard, and with ceiling, floor, the incoming mobs, and the fight sealing off all other directions, Dreadite carved a hole in the ceiling, leapt up, and pulled himself to the deck above. "We can get a good view from here." Maria, in Mimic's arms, was through the hole before Dreadite could turn around to offer a hand up. TBC?