From: ( Subject: Re: [PW!][SS Anne] Where there's a bar, there can be... Newsgroups: Date: 2000/03/15 In article <>, mobius101@aol.compactpika (Maria Rocket) wrote: > Maria smiled wider and sweatdropped, pulling him around to face her. "Uh, > yeah... Hey, there's a three-headed Dodrio!" She pointed to the other side of > the boat. > > "What? Where?" Mimic found himself being hurried in that direction. "Hey, wait > minute.." > > James the Psyduck just waddled after them with his usual expression. > > "Psy." Maria decided to tip toe away. She tip toed right into Estro, and the two fell down uneasily. "Wait, Maria, Dodrio always- Estro?" Mimic asked turning around. "Who'd you expect, the boss?" Estro asked, getting up. "Sorry, Estro, didn't see you there. By the way, where have you been anyway?" Maria asked. "Looking for you guys. We got seperated when we first got on the boat. By the way, Drowzee's made some "Arrangements" with the cruise director and now we've got the best suites of the boat." Estro explained. "What happened to the people who were going to be in those suites?" Maria asked. "Seadra gave them a one way ticket to Valencia Island, by Air Water Gun." Estro replies. TBC -- Author of Lewis, Mike, Bridget, Estro copyright 1999-2000 The sig is short cause it won't fricken let me get bigger. -my AGNP stories