From: Bandraptor ( Subject: Re: [PW!] Whose Name Is It Anyway? Newsgroups: Date: 2000/06/24 Robfromvoid wrote: <<Nori looks at the gyrating baby Tauros dangling from her hands, and wonders if she should follow the odd teenage boy to the Pokemon Center or just take the baby Pokemon for herself... after all, she was the one who did all the work... She turns to face her Magmar, wondering what opinion he'd have on the issue, but the Magmar's just scorching the Name Rater's flower garden, partly as revenge because the man treated him and Nori so poorly and mostly because it's fun. Robert stops when he notices that he's not being followed by Nori, turns around, and shouts to her, "Are you coming or not?!">> Nori blinked. "Oh...uh, yeah, sure..." She turned to follow him, and motioned for her Magmar to do the same; but Magmar, once again worried by the fog, was busy staring intently at the sky, as if it could clear up the weather through willpower alone. It wasn't succeeding. Somewhat irked, Nori grabbed it by arm, and started walking, figuring it would either take the hint and start to follow her, or fall over on its face. Magmar fell over on its face. Nori sighed, and helped the Magmar to its feet, then started after Robert again, who was now a good distance ahead of them. "..." "Mag?" "...Hmmm...You know," she whispered aside to Magmar, "I probably shouldn't steal from him. He trusts me, and I don't betray people who trust me, unlike Sarah Jane. Besides, it's not like he did anything really bad to me that would warrant my stealing from him...not like that little brat who tripped me, or that Rocket that made fun of my Lickitung." "Mag?" Magmar cocked its head. "You wouldn't remember anything about him. You probably don't even remember the last battle you fought in...but that's okay, because neither do I. So...what say we go to this party, and then we can go to the Fuchsia Gym, and toast some bugs!" "Mar?" "And then we can track down Sarah Jane, and kill her, and steal HER Tauros. I'm sure that she has one, because she has all the luck when it comes to life and catching Pokemon." "Mag?" Nori glanced down at the baby Tauros, "It's not like I'm developing a conscience or anything. I just don't wanna be saddled with this walkin' poo factory until it's old enough to be of use. Besides, I only have one spot open on my team, and that's reserved for Fushigidane, who's still in Celadon. And it's wrong to separate a baby from its'd end up clinging to me. Can you imagine how hard it'd be to deal with a clingy Tauros? Here, you hold it." Nori dumped the Tauros into Magmar's arms, and increased her pace to get ahead of it before it could protest. Magmar, who had stopped listening to Nori several minutes prior, and was only feigning attention by randomly quacking "Mag" or "Mar" when it seemed appropriate; spent the next several minutes trying to decide what had happened, and what it should do as a result. Finally, the duck Pokemon simply shrugged, cradled the Tauros in a fatherly fashion, and hurried to catch up with its trainer. TBC... -Beth, who hates her PC