From: Rob ( Subject: [PW!] A Cross Heracross Newsgroups: Date: 2001-05-04 13:39:36 PST Adrian Tymes wrote: >"Far from it." Mimic smiles. "Friendship. Talk pokemon into coming >with you, by choice. That actually what pokeballs do, but pokeballs >automate it...and Mimic not sure end result is same." (Just like >Doppler,) he does not add. "Friendship, huh?" Sarah muses out loud as she walks westward back towards Cherrygrove City. Her Mareep is following extra closely, glancing over at Mimic every once in a while to make sure he's not trying anything strange. Her recently acquired Cyndaquil is following further behind, keeping a close eye on Sarah's feet to make sure he isn't stepped on yet again. Sarah continues, looking straight ahead, "Friendship's a great idea - in fact, that's how Barbie became my first Pokemon. The thing is, I learned growin' up that I had to weaken Pokemon before capturin' them, but I guess that's out of the question if I'm gonna talk them into bein' my friend, right?" "Maybe yes, maybe no." Mimic explains, keeping an eye out for any Pokemon Sarah may be interested in, "Some want fight since need see if trainer strong. Other just follow if like trainer, like Cyndaquil. Mimic think best not assume - ask Pokemon if want fight. Now, if only one show up..." Mimic has been walking through tall grasses with Sarah for a while now, and Cherrygrove City can already be seen in the distance. Sarah's arm darts up when she sees a Pokemon, "There's one! I... think..." Mimic immediatelly scans the tall grasses and sees no rustling blades of grass or any Pokemon in sight, so he looks over at Sarah's arm and follows the trajectory from her pointing index finger to the Pokemon being pointed at - an odd-looking dark blue horned creature plastered onto the trunk of a pine tree, "Pokemon grow on tree in Johto? It IS whole new world we live in." When Sarah scurries off to the tree to get a closer look followed by her Pokemon, Mimic also follows her. Upon closer examination, he sees that the Pokemon appears to be a Bug type who is seriously enjoying some tree sap, oblivious to the observers around it. "Okay, Barbie, you might want to fight this Pokemon for me, but stand back, I'll..." When Sarah turns around to shoo Barbie away, the terrified Mareep is already a step ahead of her by being about twenty steps away from the tree where the Bug Pokemon is enjoying breakfast, "...I'll take care of it. That goes for you too, Cyndaquil." Cyndaquil nods, then sits down on his hind legs to patiently wait for his trainer. Sarah takes a deep breath, then starts rubbing the Bug Pokemon's back with her bare hands. The Pokemon continues to suck up tree sap, ignoring Sarah's gentle touch. Noticing that she is being ignored, Sarah decides to strike up a conversation with the voracious insect. She has enough difficulty coming up with interesting things to talk about with human beings who speak her language, so it's even harder for her to come up with something to say to this Pokemon, "So... uh, wh-what's your... name?" "Heracross!" The Bug Pokemon exhales, after taking in some air between sips of sap. Sarah smiles politely even though the Heracross is too distracted by its meal to notice, "Oh, well, then... uh- hi, Heracross! My name's Sarah... will you... will you be my Pokemon, please?" The only response the Heracross gives is loud sucking noises and the occasional intake and exhale of fresh air. "Uh, Mimic... some help please?" "Sure. What friend for?" Mimic pauses to think of a way to get the Heracross' attention, then Transforms into a big yellow Hypno, complete with small pendulum. Even though Sarah has never seen a Hypno before, she notices the pendulum in Mimic's hand, "Ohh... Uh, are you gonna hypnotize Heracross into bein' my Pokemon?" The Hypno shakes his head, "That not true friendship." He knows from the disapproving tone of Sarah's voice as she asked the question that she wouldn't want him to do that, but he said that anyway just in case he read her feelings about Hypnosis incorrectly. He explains his reason for turning into a Hypno, "Mimic just want help Sarah get Heracross to listen." He then explains his reason for turning into a Hypno in a clearer, more physical manner, as he grabs ahold of the trunk that Heracross is attached to, moves his head way back, then Headbutts the tree so powerfully that the Spearow perched above all fly away and Heracross falls to the ground! "HeraCROSS!" The Pokemon stands up off the ground - no longer appearing docile, but instead looking quite enraged! It lifts its horn high and glares at Sarah. Since it doesn't notice the Hypno who knocked it out of the tree, it assumes that Sarah is the one responsible for interrupting its feast. It snarls, "HERACROSS!" Sarah lifts her fingers and waves them in a timid little greeting, "Uhhh-h-h-hi." Heracross charges at Sarah, ready to tear into her with its horn! Mimic's too dizzy from Headbutting the tree to stop the Bug Pokemon and Sarah's scared stiff... "Cyndaquil!" Sarah's newest Pokemon disobeys her trainer's order to stand back and Tackles the charging Heracross, moments before it attacks the shepherdess! Both the Fighting Bug Pokemon and the Fire Pokemon fall to the ground at the same time. Cyndaquil's the first to stand back up, ready to continue battling, "Daquil..." Sarah's mouth falls open, surprised that her new Pokemon has put herself in danger to help her even though they've just met, "Cyndaquil?" "HERA! HERACROSS!" The Heracross stands up and charges at a different target - Cyndaquil... except since Sarah's still in shock, no one is there to stop Heracross this time, so it sticks its horn beneath Cyndaquil's soft underbelly, and it uses Horn Attack, launching the little Pokemon into flight. "Cyndaaaaaaaaaa..." Cyndaquil swings his tiny limbs about as he soars through the air... Barbie notices it when her new traveling companion becomes airborne and even before Sarah gives the command, the Mareep snaps into action and races to where the Cyndaquil is about to land. "Barbie, catch Cyndaquil!" Sarah yells at the Mareep just as she comes to a halt on the ground where Cyndaquil's about to crash. "Eeep!" Barbie bleats, partly because of the impact Cyndaquil makes when he lands on her fleece and partly because Heracross has now set its sights on her. Barbie doesn't waste time when she sees that she's in danger of being attacked - she starts racing westward, not looking back to see if she's being followed. It turns out that she isn't being followed as she runs because seconds after she took off, Heracross was dealt one strong Psychic attack that knocked it out. The Hypno who dealt the attack steps over the fainted Heracross and Transforms into a copy of Barbie, "Look like Sarah's Mareep run away. Mimic replace her for time being." "I'm not worried. She's probably gonna get tired out by the time she reaches Cherrygrove." Sarah goes after her stray Mareep, a duplicate of that same Mareep in tow. -Sarah