From: Adrian Tymes ( Subject: Re: [PW!] A Cross Heracross Newsgroups: Date: 2001-05-05 23:51:35 PST Rob wrote: > It turns out that she isn't being followed as she runs because seconds > after she took off, Heracross was dealt one strong Psychic attack that > knocked it out. The Hypno who dealt the attack steps over the fainted > Heracross and Transforms into a copy of Barbie, "Look like Sarah's > Mareep run away. Mimic replace her for time being." > > "I'm not worried. She's probably gonna get tired out by the time she > reaches Cherrygrove." Sarah goes after her stray Mareep, a duplicate of > that same Mareep in tow. "No worry about bug. Friendship - true friendship - much harder to earn than to snatch with pokeball; that why so many people use pokeballs. But Sarah get hang of it...and Sarah can use it more often, even on people." "O-on people?" Sarah's brisk trot slows to a slightly fearful walk. "No worry about it. No think about it. It happen when happen. Right now, Sarah maybe not worried, but Mimic is - if not about Barbie, about cyndaquil." Just as Mimic voices his worry, the sky abruptly changes color again, from morning red to full daytime blue. Less pokemon change position than before, but shortly after the dance of the shift change, a loud murmur sounds from ahead. Mimic and Sarah exchange a glance, then go off to see what is the matter. Before long, they come across the cyndaquil, who apparently fell off of Barbie's back as Barbie fled, and is now surrounded by a group of angrily chittering sentrets. "What's going on?" "Hmm...Mimic no sure Mimic understand what saying." Sarah readies her wooden instrument, apparently preparing to fish her friend out of the pokemon whose voices are slowly growing audibly angrier, judging by her low grip on the shaft. "What's your best guess?" "Sound like sentret think cyndaquil supposed to leave upon 'end of shift', since cyndaquil not on daytime roster and not with trainer." TBC? [Yeah, I know, short...but I don't think I have enough of a sense of Sarah yet to know her next move here.]