Subject: Re: [PW!] A Flowery Letter Date: Tue, 18 Sep 2001 19:38:38 -0400 From: "Clayton" <> Organization: Bell Sympatico Newsgroups: > "Really?" The front desk clerk asks with a smile on her face that Sarah, > who isn't looking, notices in the tone of the woman's voice, "I love > nature, too! I was born and raised in the city, but I'm a country girl > at heart. You should really visit the National Park just north of the > city. It's beautiful! I take walks there all the time." > > Sarah nods, "Th-thanks for the tip. I'm headin' that way, so I'll go > there after sendin' this letter." She smiles, stands, and heads towards > the store's exit, followed by her Mareep, who glances back at the front > desk clerk with a suspicious eye, wondering if the woman has set up a > trap at the National Park for them. > > -Sarah After about a half an hour in the Pokemon Center, Bob leaves with his pokemon. He heads up the street slowly with Raffy, towards the National Park. <<Why are we going this way?>> Raffy communicated, looking at Bob. "Well Raffy, I want to do some breeding of bugs, and a good place to catch them is the National Park. We also have to get there during the night as the Spinarak are a lot easier to catch at night." <<Fine by me. Let's get going.>> "Gee, thanks, I didn't realize I needed your approval to do something," Bob said sarcastically. Raffy just shot him a dirty look. Bob and Raffy, his Girafarig, walked through the gatehouse that marked the city limits of Goldenrod. The gatekeeper said something about watching out forTeam Rocket thugs. Bob responded politely and plodded on his way. Dusk was falling on the route to the National Park, and the only thing to be heard was the cries of the nocturnal pokemon waking up. The pair was listening hard to see if they could hear the cry of a Spinarak up in a tree. What they heard instead was the sound of a young lady screaming. Bob and Raffy went running towards the noise. <<Why aren't we running the other way?>> Raffy cried out telepathically. "Because this is the way the noise came from." Bob replied <<Exactly.>> Raffy replied. Bob just shot him a dirty look. A minute later, they were at the source of the noise. It was a young lady being attacked by three Team Rocket thugs in black outfits. On the ground, there was a Mareep and a Slowpoke, both fainted from the thugs' pokemon. One of the thugs had her bag, and was trying to wrestle it from her. Bob and Raffy stepped up to the thugs, and noticed the girl was Sarah. "I thought attacking young ladies was a little beneath you." Bob yelled out. The thug let go of the Sarah's bag and directed his attention to Bob. "You'd better mind you're own business little boy, we's just havin' a chat with the little lady." The thug replied, getting ready for a pokemon battle. "Gee, I din't know 'a little chat' involved stealing." Bob replied sarcastically. "Hey kid, you're the son of those day-care people. You's more important than this scrawny little girl. Drowzee, get him!" "I really don't have time for you. I have work to do. Let's go Puff, workout time." Bob wasted no time in sending out his Dratini to deal with the Team Rocket scum. "Hey. guys, the breeder boy gots a present for the Boss." the first thug said. "As if. Puff, use your Dragon Rage," Bob said calmly. This fiery, tornadoey thing formed around Puff, then went for the thugs. All three thugs got nailed and went flying into the night. Bob recalled Puff, turned around and started to walk away when he was interruped by something. TBC